Feature story on Ryan Mouton

About how they will still use Mouton on offense, Mac said:
“In our Sunday meeting, that was the first thing (offensive coordinator) Ron Lee asked me, if we were going to still play Mouton on offense. He’s a key player on defense — that’s where his future is — but he’s a playmaker. I think he really brought the offense, especially the receivers, to another level.” (HSB)

About playing slotback instead of CB, Mouton said:
“It’s a little difficult. It’s fun, though, doing something new. We’re having a good time with it.” (HSB)

About how he wanted to play offense, but didn’t expect to play it full-time, Mouton said:
“I’ve been asking in earlier weeks when I might get on the other side of the ball. When (head coach Greg McMackin) called me in his office that Monday morning, it was what I was waiting for, telling me I could play a little offense. Didn’t think it would be full-time, though.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “In his first game as a two-way player, Mouton was on the field for 78 snaps last week against Nevada, 58 as a starting slotback and 20 in the secondary as the Warriors’ nickel back.”

About possibly needing a new nickname for Mouton (who wears jersey #2), Mac said:
“We were calling him ‘deuce.’ Now we might call him ‘iron man.’ ” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Still, McMackin would like to keep Mouton’s play total closer to 60 to keep the senior from wearing down in his new roles over the second half of the season.”

About how they need to limit Mouton’s plays since he won’t complain, Mac said:
“He will just keep going … and won’t say a word and will compete until he falls over, so we as coaches have to monitor that.” (HSB)

Mac said they had planned to just play Mouton on offense in a limited basis to spark the offense:
“but we felt we needed another playmaker full-time.” (HSB)

About how Mouton does what is best for the team, Mac said:
“His future is as a DB and he’s got a great future. But he’s a team guy and he didn’t even hesitate when I talked to him about moving over to offense and what we were planning.” (HSB)

About how his teammates on the D have reacted to his moving to the offense, Mouton said:
“I hear it every day. I’m surrounded by defensive guys in the locker room. They always tell me, ‘traitor, traitor.’ They’ll take a shot at me every now and then. But it’s all in good fun.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Mouton caught five passes for 58 yards in his debut as a slotback and coaches noted more pep in the other receivers following the move. Mike Washington posted his second 100-yard game of the season against Nevada and Malcolm Lane had his most productive game.”

About having Mouton next to him on the offense, Malcolm Lane said:
“That’s a blast. He brought that fire to the offense, and with his speed he opens up a lot of things in our offense.” (HSB)

About playing receiver, Mouton said:
“Being a defensive player you want to try to get the ball anyway. So when you know some of the plays might come to you and you end up getting the ball, it excites me a lot.” (HSB)

About being their punt returner, Aaron Bain said:
“I like having the pressure on to try to make plays. I like getting the emotions high. If you get a good return it just pumps everybody up.” (HSB)

About how the receivers like Bain have been a big help to him adjusting to slotback, Mouton said:
“I’ll ask them to refresh my memory. Those guys have been a great help to me. Guys like Aaron, his unselfishness, is the best thing for me right now.” (HSB)


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