Mike Wadsworth commits to the Warriors!

About committing to the Warriors (he’s projected to be a safety), Mike Wadsworth of Silverado High School in Henderson, Nevada (a teammate of T.J. Alofipo) said:
“I like what they have to offer. I like the defense they run, and the style that they like to play.” (HA)

About how Wadsworth is his team’s best overall player and a model student, head coach Andy Ostolaza said:
“A lot of it comes from his mom and dad. They push him in the right direction, and he takes direction well. When it comes to grades, you don’t have to worry about Mike Wadsworth. If I were starting a program, he would be the kind of kid you’d build a program around.” (HA)

HA Note: “Wadsworth, it seems, never gets any rest. He was named to the 2007 All-State first team as a cornerback, although, at 6 feet 1 and 192 pounds, he often plays safety. In this week’s game, he will align as a weak-side linebacker.”

About using Wadsworth at a lot of different positions, Ostolaza said:
“We move him around. If we play a team with a big-time receiver, we will move him to corner. When we play running teams, we move him to run support.” (HA)

HA Note: “Wadsworth also plays tailback and wideout on offense. What’s more, he is used as a punt returner, kickoff returner and kick-blocker.”

About another role he has this season, Wadsworth said:
“This year, I’m actually punting, too.” (HA)

HA Note: “Wadsworth is indeed special on special teams. This season, he has scored on punt and kickoff returns. Last year, he scored on three punt returns and a kickoff return. He also blocked five point-after kicks and a field-goal attempt. He is capable of running 40 yards in 4.5 seconds and 100 meters in 10.9 seconds. In track, he was the leadoff runner for the 4×100 team that won a regional title. He is a power forward and small forward on Silverado’s basketball team. And his cumulative grade-point average is better than 4.0. (He takes honor classes.) He is ranked 10th academically in a class of about 600 students.”

HA Note: “Wadsworth visited Arizona the past weekend, and has received interest from Oregon State, Brigham Young and Stanford.”

About choosing Hawaii, Wadsworth said:
“I like Hawai’i the best. I love being around the ocean.” (HA)

HA Note: “Wadsworth said he wanted to play in the Warriors’ defensive scheme. He also wants to reunite with UH director of player personnel Tony Tuioti, who was Silverado’s defensive coordinator last year.”

HA Note: “Wadsworth is living with a neighbor this season after his family moved to Utah because of business obligations. His father, John Wadsworth, is a food scientist who developed the formula used in Tahitian Noni Juice, a health-promoting beverage.”

About how he wants to learn the ha’a (Silverado learned the haka last year), Wadsworth said:
“I love watching it. I can’t wait to learn it.” (HA)


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