Alexander named the starting QB

About being named the starting QB vs. Utah State, Alexander said:
“I’m excited.” (HA)

Alexander said that the difference between the Florida and Nevada games is:
“like night and day. I feel more comfortable with the reads. But then again, it’s only one half of football. I still have to focus.” (HA)

“The Florida game was tough — there was a lot to think about. Now it’s just go out and play, and I can just focus in on the job and let my instincts take over.” (HSB)

About Alexander’s progress, Mac said:
“You can see Greg has a good feel for things now.” (HA)

About how they have an offensive package for Inoke, Mac said:
“We’ve got a package for Inoke and we’re going to start Greg. He showed he can handle it in a game.” (HSB)

About preparing as the #1 QB instead of the #2 or #3 QB, Alexander said:
“You prepare the same way. Obviously you get the reps in practice, but as far as watching film and all that, you still have to prepare the same way.” (HSB)

About treating the QB position just like any other position, Mac said:
“I look at the quarterback position like every position. I look at it just like our center or our left guard. If a guy’s producing, then he plays.” (HSB)

About Alexander’s improvement, Rolo said:
“He’s grown a lot in the offense. He knows what he does wrong in film (sessions), so we can concentrate on deciphering or talking about opposing defenses rather than teaching the offense. We only opened a few pages of the playbook for him (against Florida), so now this thing’s pretty wide open. … He knows where his guys are going to be a lot more than seven or eight weeks ago.” (HSB)


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