KHNL article on the Warriors

Happy that Alexander was named WAC player of the week, Mac said:
“I was really happy to see that he was awarded the WAC player of the week and I was really impressed by his temperament and his ability.” (KHNL)

About using both Alexander and Funaki at QB, Mac said:
“If you have something that causes people problems and doesn’t foul up your rhythm, then why not?” (KHNL)

About how they will keep using Mouton at slotback, Mac said:
“He’s a key player on defense that’s where his future is, but he’s a play maker and I really feel that he brought the offense, especially the receivers to a higher level, and we’re going to continue playing him both ways.” (KHNL)

About how they need to keep improving, Mac said:
“We have to get a lot better than we are right now and continue to get better and be playing championship caliber at the end of the season.” (KHNL)


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