Feature stories on Malcolm Lane

About how his game-winning TD catch was with his right hand and helmet, Lane said:
“I caught it with my hands.” (HA)

Lane said that CB mike Evans:
“was pulling my other arm down. So I was holding (the football) with my hand on my helmet.” (HA)

About averaging 38.3 yards per return and having UH start on average at their 46-yard-line, Lane said:
“We’ve been practicing at getting better and better every week. Guys went out there and opened up some huge holes for me to run through.” (HA)

About how he was different in the Nevada game, Lane said:
“I was more relaxed. People were giving me advice about games and things like that. They told me to go out and have fun. I went out there and had fun. I was having a blast.” (HA)

About Mouton playing next to him on offense instead of facing him in practice, Lane said:
“People say I see him all day and then I have to see him on offense. But when I see him making plays, it inspires me. It drives me. We try to compete against each other to see who has a better game. He’s the perfect guy to have next to me. I used to go against him in practice. Now I’m telling him what he has to do on this route and what he has to do on that route. He’s a very quick learner, a smart football player.” (HA)

About playing slotback and nickleback, Mouton said:
“It’s a lot of fun to play both ways. The offensive guys really accepted me. They rallied around me.” (HA)

HA Note: “Mouton and Lane are close friends, often going to Sunday barbecue dinners at Lane’s mother’s house at Schofield Barracks. When Lane did not have a place to live, Mouton invited him to stay at an apartment originally shared by two other UH teammates.”

About how Lane serves as his chauffeur, Mouton said:
“He drives all of the time. I left my car back in Texas.” (HA)

About how the Nevada game helped his confidence, Lane said:
“I need to continue to work hard and get better from this. But this really increases my confidence.” (HSB)

About how he was struggling this season, Lane said:
“It’s been hard for our offense to get on a roll and I haven’t been stepping up and doing my job like the rest of the team’s been doing their jobs. I felt like I was letting the team down, and just had to turn it around.” (HSB)

About his game-winning TD, Lane said that waiting for the ball to come down:
“took forever.” (HA)

About how he thought of his critics while the ball was in the air, Lane said:
“Everybody was doubting. I just wanted to go up and get that ball so bad, and it worked out perfect.” (HA)

Grateful that Ron Lee called the play for him, Lane said:
“I’m so happy (offensive coordinator Ron Lee) trusted me and called the play for me. I owe a lot to him that he had the trust in me and gave me a chance.” (HA)


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