Feature stories on Greg Alexander

Mac said that Alexander has benefited from his tutorial sessions with Rolo and:
“I think it’s his time now.” (HA)

HA Note: “That was reaffirmed yesterday when Alexander was named the Western Athletic Conference’s Offensive Player of the Week. In a coming-of-age second half against Nevada, Alexander completed 17 of 22 passes for 205 yards and two touchdowns, including the game-winner with 20 seconds to play. He was not intercepted.”

Impressed with Alexander and the job that Rolo did in teaching him, Mac said:
“I was really impressed with his temperament and ability. Nick Rolovich has done a great job of coaching the quarterbacks, and Ron (Lee, the offensive coordinator) has done a great job of calling the plays. We knew (Alexander) was getting better and better.” (HA)

About his WAC award, Alexander said:
“It feels good. It’s all right.” (HA)

HA Note: “Alexander was not part of the game plan. In the three full practices leading to the game, Alexander was the No. 3 quarterback, behind the platoon of Inoke Funaki, who would make his sixth start in eight games, and Tyler Graunke. Alexander took “mental reps” while Funaki and Graunke split the reps with the first-team offense.”

About how he learned during his “mental reps”, Alexander said:
“Definitely. Watching Inoke and Tyler do the offense, you see everything from a different perspective. When you’re in there, you’ve got the rush and all of that. When you step back, you can focus on the secondary and the receivers; see what the receivers are looking at. That helps you a lot.” (HA)

HA Note: “It was pivotal on a third-and-11 play in the third quarter. Alexander went through his read progressions — 1 … 2 … 3 … — before pirouetting and throwing to slotback Michael Washington in the left flat. Washington, with a running start, gained 12 yards, keeping alive an 11-play drive that would result in a touchdown. It was a play that Alexander acknowledged he would not have been able to make during the season-opener against Florida.”

About how he has learned a lot since the Florida game, Alexander said:
“There’s a huge difference. Going into the Florida game, I had an idea where my guys were going to be. But if I was going backside, I didn’t know what I was seeing. Now, it’s pre-snap ‘I’ve two here, we’ve got so and so …’ I can really anticipate what’s happening backside.” (HA)

HA Note: “During the game-winning drive, the Warriors faced a third-and-9 situation. After correctly reading the defensive end, who tried crashing down on the right side of the UH offense, Alexander weaved up the middle, and juked the Nevada free safety to complete the 10-yard run and gain the first down.”

About how his scramble for the first down surprised the UH coaches, Alexander said:
“It surprised me, too. I had to go out there and make plays.” (HA)

About how his release seemed quicker in the Nevada game because he knows the offense better now, Alexander said:
“Mechanically, I haven’t really changed too much — little tweaks here and there. But it comes from knowing the offense, knowing where guys are going to be, and you can start anticipating.” (HA)

About Alexander being available right before signing day, Rolo said:
“It was surprising. For what he did at the junior college level not to be heavily recruited, we weren’t really sure why that was happening.” (HSB)

About how they haven’t decided on a starting QB, Mac said:
“We haven’t talked (about) who’s starting. I really liked how (Alexander) handled the pressure at the end of the ballgame. Looking right into a guy’s eyes, that’s why I’ve always coached on the sidelines, you know their emotion. He was a cool guy on the sideline and was focused.” (HSB)

About not getting D-IA scholarship offers, Alexander said:
“It was frustrating. I was walking around town and everybody’s asking me where are you going? I’m like, ‘I don’t know, stop asking me.’ So I tried to stay in my house as much as I could.” (HSB)

About how he learned from Inoke and Tyler to get better in the offense, Alexander said:
“I wanted to get back on the field and the only way I was going to be able to do that was I was learning from Inoke and Tyler (Graunke) and trying to get my mental reps. I wasn’t really expecting to play on Saturday … but you have to stay prepared and prepare like you’re going to play.” (HSB)


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