Pregame quotes for the UH-Nevada game

About how in the last days they lost Pilares to injury, Ikaika Malloe needed an emergency appendectomy, Tui Tuiasosopo had surgery due to side effects from an infection, and WR Jovonte Taylor withdrew from school after losing more than 20 pounds from a viral infection, Mac said:
“It’s been tough.” (HA)

Mac said that those type of things are part of life, but self-created mistakes on the field:
“are not acceptable.” (HA)

HA Note: “McMackin confirmed that a lack of productivity in post-catch running prompted some of the changes. Against Boise State, the Warriors’ yard-after-catch (YAC) average was 3.94 yards. The starting receivers dropped five passes.”

About how they need to cut down on their mistakes, Mac said:
“There are always going to be mistakes. But we can’t have big mistakes.” (HA)

About all of the changes they made, Mac said:
“We’ve worked very hard this week, and the fans will see that.” (HA)

HA Note: “Malloe said Antwan “Tua” Mahaley will be the wedge-setter, a position aligned on the right hash, at about the 25. Mahaley actually earned the job because of his work as a wedge-buster. Mahaley had volunteered to play on the scout kickoff team. On a kickoff, he raced downfield and floored a wedge-setter.”

About Tua Mahaley as their wedge-setter, Malloe said:
“He wasn’t intimidated.” (HA)

“Tua deserves it. He’s worked really hard.” (HA)

About how this game is critical for them, Mac said:
“This is a very important and very crucial game for us. We’re at home. We’re playing a good football team. And we need to win at home.” (HA)

Mac said that the Warriors are in a:
“position where we have to win out. It’s important for us to get better every game and go to a bowl game. This (game) is in our way. This team is coming over to keep us from our goal.” (HA)

About Nevada’s Pistol offense, Rich Miano said:
“That offense keeps you up at night.” (HA)

About the Pistol offense, Adam Leonard said:
“(The pistol) gives the offensive line opportunities to move the line of scrimmage and the running back a chance to read the gaps as the holes develop.” (HSB)

Mac said that Nevada’s offense (44 points or more in their last 4 games):
“could be one of the best offenses we’ve played.” (HSB)

About QB Colin Kaepernick, Miano said:
“He does look like Vince Young. I’m not saying he’s a first-round draft pick. I’m not saying he’s gonna be a pro’s pro. I’m saying he’s the best at what he does in college football. He’s phenomenal.” (HA)

“That quarterback is such a threat every time he’s on the perimeter. He can throw it, and the receivers are good enough to beat you. … I put (Kaepernick) in the ‘freak’ category. Very few people get in the freak category.” (HA)

About Kaepernick, Adam Leonard said:
“To have a quarterback develop in the passing game and be an awesome runner gives them a different aspect.” (HSB)

Comparing Kaepernick to Tebow, Sol said:
“(Kaepernick’s) definitely similar. He’s a dual-threat quarterback and he has a great football mind. He’s right up there with them.” (HSB)

About Sol’s responsibility on D, Mac said:
“As a middle linebacker you’re pretty keyed into the quarterback. He’s pretty important in controlling any running game.” (HSB)

About how they need more playmakers on offense, Mac said:
“Right now, we have one receiver (left wideout Greg Salas) making plays. I know what I’d do. I’d double him and single up on everybody else. … We’ve got to get playmakers out there.” (HA)

HA Note: “The Warriors are making some personnel changes at the receiver positions, as well as implementing some new schemes that they test drove during training camp but have yet to use in games. The plans won’t include running back/slotback Kealoha Pilares, who yesterday was wearing a walking boot to protect a sprained right foot. There will be some surprise replacements. While quarterback Funaki, 3-2 as a starter, will be in the opening lineup, there are packages ready for what McMackin describes as a “pure passer.””

HA Note: “Defensive tackle Keala Watson had a breakout first quarter against Boise State before leaving with a busted lip (that required two stitches) and then a sprained knee. The lip actually was more troublesome because Watson suffers from von Willebrand’s disease in which his blood does not clot quickly. But thanks to a dose of desmopressin (DDAVP), a synthetic hormone that helped stop the bleeding, he was able to return.”

About how Ikaika Malloe will coach from the booth despite having an emergency appendectomy on Wednesday, Mac said:
“he’s going to coach from the booth so he doesn’t get accidentally hit on the sideline.” (HA)

About how they need to win this game, Adam Leonard said:
“Games at home are must wins. You’ve got to protect your house.” (HSB)


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