Sol is about to set the UH career tackle record

Comparing DL Levi Stanley and LB Sol, George Lumpkin said:
“Levi was just a great technician. He was very strong — he’d hit, shed the guy and make the tackle. And Solomon is definitely a technician. He keeps his body squared up on the ball, he reads very well, he gets off blocks very well.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The Warriors’ current assistant head coach played with Stanley in the early 1970s and has watched Elimimian’s growth as a leader of the Hawaii defense over the past four years.”

HSB Note: “Elimimian enters tomorrow’s Western Athletic Conference game against Nevada with 363 stops, three shy of Stanley’s career total.”

Praising Stanley, who held the career tackle record for close to 35 years, Sol said:
“When I heard he was a defensive lineman making that many tackles, that’s incredible. I tip my hat off to him.” (HSB)

Sol said that when he reflects on his UH career what he’ll recall is how he suited up on Saturday even though on Fridays:
“when my body was telling me no. More than the record, that’s something I’ll remember, the fact that when I couldn’t do it, God enabled me to do it. That’s more important than the record, it’s the lessons I’ve learned throughout my journey.” (HSB)

About Nevada’s tough running game, Sol said:
“It’s a big challenge because they’re physical. We have to rise to the occasion and play a physical ballgame.” (HSB)

About how he’s most concerned with making the Hawaii Bowl, Sol said:
“That’s my No. 1 priority right now, get to the bowl game and finishing these last six games hard. That’s what I’m fighting for and that’s what we’re all fighting for.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Elimimian’s run at Stanley’s mark is a by-product of 42 starts — including the last 31 straight games — since 2005, when the Crenshaw (Los Angeles) High grad came to Hawaii almost “by default.” He reluctantly chose to accept Hawaii’s scholarship offer over attending San Diego State, following older brother and former All-WAC cornerback Abraham Elimimian, who had just finished his Warrior career.”

About how he didn’t really want to come to UH, Sol said:
“Four years ago it wasn’t my decision to come to Hawaii. If you asked me if I wanted to come here I would have told you no, honestly.” (HSB)

HSB Noet: “Along the way, he found comfort in his place in Hawaii and on the team. Now a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and leader of a post-practice prayer group, Elimimian also grew in his faith with the help of assistant head coach George Lumpkin, who invited him to church early on, and in his relationship with his older brother.”

About how going to UH resulted in a close relationship with his brother, Sol said:
“Abe’s probably my best friend. It’s crazy, because before I came to Hawaii, we didn’t talk really that much. Five years apart, he’s the oldest, I’m the youngest, we didn’t talk that much. Now that I’m here, he understands what I go through and we talk almost every day. In those tough times, I talk to God and I talk to my brother.” (HSB)

About how they moved Sol to OLB earlier but now are moving back to MLB with Brashton injured, Mac said:
“We were in a situation where we wanted to play our three best ‘backers when Brashton was healthy, so he was a team guy and went outside. But he’s more comfortable inside.” (HSB)

Not caring what position UH needs him to play, Sol said:
“I’m just blessed to have the opportunity to play. A lot of people want to be in my shoes, so for me to be playing outside, it’s nothing.” (HSB)


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