Ikaika Malloe had an appendectomy Wednesday

Asked how he felt after his appendectomy yesterday, special teams coordinator Ikaika Malloe said:
“I feel good.” (HA)

Malloe wanted to attend yesterday’s practice, but:
“the doctor looked at me kind of weird.” (HA)

About how he started feeling discomfort near the end of Wednesday morning’s practice, Malloe said:
“My stomach was hurting. At the 4 o’clock meeting, things got really bad. The right side of my stomach had a piercing feeling.” (HA)

HA Note: “After the meeting, he consulted with the team physician, Dr. Andrew Nichols, who ordered Malloe to go to the hospital immediately. After a CAT scan showed the inflamed appendix, Malloe underwent the one-hour appendectomy.”

About his surgery, Malloe said:
“The surgery went well. I can walk OK.” (HA)

About how he agreed with the doctor and rejected Malloe’s request to attend yesterday’s practice, Mac said:
“I told him, ‘No, stay home and take care of yourself.’ ” (HA)

“He’s OK. I talked to him this morning. I told him to rest and take care of himself. He’s so tough he probably wants to come back right away, but I want him to take care of himself.” (HSB)

About how Malloe gave him instructions to help him take his role in practice, Rich Miano said that Malloe is:
“such a pro about this. He called. He text-messaged. He gave instructions on what to do for the whole thing.” (HA)

HA Note: “Malloe has been instrumental this week in restructuring special teams. Malcolm Lane and Aaron Bain will handle kickoff and punt returns, respectively. The Warriors also are auditioning a replacement for Victor Clore, who was a key wedge blocker on kickoff returns. Clore has a knee injury.”

Praising Malloe, Victor Clore said:
“Coach (Malloe) is a great guy, a great coach. He’s a player’s coach. I can relate to him.” (HA)

C.J. Allen-Jones said that Malloe is:
“a good man, very intense. He gets me fired up to play special teams.” (HA)

Hoping that he can attend today’s walk-through, Malloe said:
“I can’t stay away from football.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Assistant head coach George Lumpkin ran the special teams periods in Malloe’s place yesterday. Dave Aranda, who normally focuses on defensive ends, handled the defensive line.”


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