Feature on Mac in the Reno Gazette-Journal

RGJ = Reno Gazette-Journal

About his great respect for Mac, Sol Elimimian said:
“He’s totally different than Coach Jones or any other head coach I’ve been around. He’s real, real sincere. He means what he says. I have a lot of respect for him.” (RGJ)

About how Mac’s personality is different than JJ, Inoke said:
“He’s different. He’s got a different personality (than Jones). He’s very personable. He tries to get to know everybody on the team as individuals. A lot of guys look to him as a good influence, not only on the football field, but off the field and in school. He’s a good guy.” (RGJ)

About how Mac cares about his players, Sol said:
“Coach Mack is real concerned about how you’re doing as a person. When you have a conversation with him, it’s not just, ‘How you doin’?’ and then he walks away. He’s a great person.” (RGJ)

Ray Lewis (Mac was his defensive coordinator at Miami) said that Mac is:
“… probably one of the greatest men I have met in my entire life.” (RGJ)

About their struggles to start the season, Mac said:
“We’re not going to panic, but there’s a sense of urgency. We have to check everything, and I talked to everybody about self-evaluating every little thing. We’re at the point where we have to look at all the little things, because those little things make a difference.” (RGJ)

About how his team still believes in what they are doing, Mac said:
“If our guys wanted to jump off board, they would’ve done it after the San Jose game. I believe in our players, I believe in our coaches, and I believe in our fans.” (RGJ)

About how Mac’s passion for football get his team fired up, Sol said:
“He’s the biggest competitor I’ve ever been around. He wants to win. He’ll do anything to win. As players, we respect him for that. He gets fired up during game days. He’s real emotional. His passion for football comes out.” (RGJ)


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