Feature on Daniel Libre

Asked when was the last time he reached the end zone before his TD vs. BSU, Libre said:
“In practice. I score all the time.” (HSB)

About the injury that will force Pilares to miss the game, Libre said:
“You hate to see somebody go down like that, especially with how hard he worked in the offseason. The rest of us have to pick up where he left off. I always want to carry the ball more, but never at the cost of somebody getting hurt.” (HSB)

About how Libre, LWJ, and Farmer will need to replace Pilares, Mac said:
“The next guy has to step up and I think we have three good players in those guys.” (HSB)

About his first college TD, Libre said:
“It was really easy with what the line did. There was just a great big hole. It hit me when I got in there and I really had to humble myself again because we were still down at that point, couldn’t really celebrate too much.” (HSB)

Libre said that his ankle isn’t fully healthy, but:
“it’s definitely not anything that’s going to stop me from playing.” (HSB)

Hoping to return as quickly as possible, Pilares said:
“I just try to take care of it as best I can. We’re still working on the swelling. When that goes down then we’re going to start doing some rehab work, strengthening the muscles.” (HSB)

Understanding how Pilares feels when he has to miss games due to injury, Libre said:
“That was the hardest thing I ever had in regards to football. I feel for him, I know he’s dying right now just to practice.” (HSB)


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