Quotes from the local papers

About how he could miss at least 3 weeks because of a sprained right foot, Kealoha Pilares said:
“They said foot sprains usually take three to four weeks (to heal). I don’t know. But I’m going to try to get back before then.” (HA)

For his injury, Pilares said:
“people usually have casts.” (HA)

However, Pilares said:
“I’m just using this old-fashioned (walking) boot.” (HA)

Trying to return quick enough for their Nov. 1 road game at Utah State, Pilares said:
“I’m going to try to do all that I can to get healthy again.” (HA)

HA Note: “Pilares leads the Warriors in touchdowns (five) and rushing yards (236). He also is the leader in post-catch yards. He was expected to be one of the kickoff returners, too.”

Mac praised Pilares, saying that he is:
“one of our best offensive weapons.” (HA)

About closing practices this week to keep new plays and personnel changes secret, Mac said:
“We’re going to do some things that fit within the run-and-shoot scheme.” (HA)

Mac said that some of the changes are designed to:
“give (Funaki) some more weapons.” (HA)

HA Note: “McMackin also said he will create an offensive package involving a “pure thrower,” if dictated by the situation. Greg Alexander, the No. 2 quarterback, and Brent Rausch both fit the “pure-thrower” classification.”

About using an offensive package with a “pure thrower”, Mac said:
“If we need a pure thrower, we’re going to put in a pure thrower.” (HA)

“We’ve got pure throwers. If we need a pure thrower, we’re going to put in a pure thrower. We’re going to get a pure thrower ready.” (HSB)

Mac said that Alexander and Rausch have:
“had seven weeks to get better.” (HA)

HA Note: “McMackin said the kickoff-return and punt-return units are “not getting it done.” As a result, nickelback Ryan Mouton, the Warriors’ most productive defensive back, will be spared from continuing to serve as a kick returner.”

About how Mouton will not be used as kick returner because their kick return unit isn’t blocking well enough, Mac said:
“It’s a suicide mission, and he’s getting beat to heck. We’ve got to get that together, and we have plans for Ryan.” (HA)

About who they will replace Mouton with on kickoffs, Mac said:
“We’re going to draw straws right now. … Maybe somebody I’m upset with, I’ll put him back at kickoff return, and just let him go back there and be punished. If somebody is late for a meeting, (he’s) going to be our kickoff-return guy.” (HA)

“It’s a suicide mission and he’s getting beat to heck. We’ve got to get that together. Maybe somebody I’m upset with, I’ll put him back on kickoff return. If somebody’s late for a meeting they’re going to be our kickoff return guy.” (HSB)

About how Michael Washington’s 12 returns have netted -4 yards, the worst among all D-IA teams, Mac said:
“We’re either not blocking or (the punt returner) is not running.” (HA)

HA Note: “Right tackle Keoni Steinhoff said he believed he was aligned properly and did not deserve to be whistled for a crucial 5-yard penalty. Down 10-7 in the second quarter, Funaki completed a 19-yard pass to Greg Salas, advancing the ball to the Boise State 8. But Steinhoff was penalized for being too far from the line of scrimmage. The ball was placed at the 32, and two plays later, Funaki was intercepted. Steinhoff said he obliged both times he was warned to move up by the referee. UH offensive line coach Brian Smith said Steinhoff “apparently didn’t adjust it enough.” The rules states that a part of a tackle’s helmet must be in front of the center’s belt line.”

About how he has recovered from a concussion he suffered on the opening kickoff of the BSU game, Francis Maka said:
“If anything, the only thing left over is a stiff neck.” (HA)

About how Tyler isn’t ready to play, Mac said:
“I don’t think he throws with the same velocity (since a hand injury in September). I want Tyler Graunke to play. Tyler has not been able to play for different reasons (including suspension). His strength is down. He’s a good kid, he’s just not ready to play.” (HSB)

About how it could be good to give Inoke a rest at times, Mac said:
“Maybe it’d be good to get some of it off him. Give him enough shots and he will get hurt. Anyone who puts it on Inoke has no clue about football.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The original preseason plan was Funaki as a change-of-pace guy; like Shawn Withy-Allen and Jason Whieldon gave Tim Chang a breather, and Graunke did once or twice for Colt Brennan their first year together.”

About how they planned to have Inoke just run a package of plays in relief of one of the other QBs, Mac said:
“We wanted to have a package for Inoke, have him sprint out, option.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “It won’t matter who’s at quarterback if the line doesn’t improve. For years, it was the Warriors’ proudest unit, now it’s the shakiest. It hasn’t developed chemistry because of injuries and inconsistency, hasn’t gotten better since being exposed in the Sugar Bowl back in January.”

About how they will change things on the OL, Mac said:
“We’re going to make some personnel changes. We’re going to do some things that fit into the run-and-shoot, some advanced techniques.” (HSB)

About losing Pilares during the BSU game, Mac said:
“It hurt us,. He was out in the first quarter, but the next guy steps up and we have some other guys who can play so we have to move on.” (HSB)

About how the team will not panic and how he hopes that the fans will not lose faith in the team, Mac said that:
“we’re not going to panic and I hope the fans don’t panic.” (HSB)

About how Inoke isn’t to blame for all of their struggles, Mac said:
“It’s not all on Inoke’s back. It’s not just the quarterback, it’s receivers dropping balls, it’s not blocking certain guys, it’s a combination of things. We’re going to make some moves.” (HSB)

About the changes they will make on offense, Mac said:
“We’re going to get a pure passer ready, and do some things with Inoke and change some personnel and give him some more weapons.” (HSB)

Praising one receivers (which has to be Salas in my opinion), Mac said that UH has:
“one receiver that’s making plays.” (HSB)

About how they will change strategies to reduce the pass rush, Mac said:
“We knew that we were up against a couple of good defensive ends (against Boise State), but we’re going to open things up a little bit too, and we’re going to be doing some things to keep the rush off of us. We’ve met all weekend and we’re not changing a whole lot of things, but we’re going to try to tighten some things up.” (HSB)

About how Tyler is their 4th QB, Mac said that Tyler is:
“physically not able to play right now. If he was the best quarterback, he would be playing. I want to win games. He beat Nevada last year, but he’s not the same quarterback he was when he beat Nevada.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “In the moments after last Friday’s game, McMackin said he should have attempted a field goal on fourth and 1 at the Broncos’ 15 on UH’s first possession of the game. He reversed field again yesterday, sticking by the decision to go for the first down, which ended with Pilares being dropped for a 3-yard loss on an option play.”

About how the decision to go on 4th down during their first drive against BSU was the right decision, Mac said:
“We needed to go and if I had it to do over I would have gone for it.” (HSB)


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