Quotes from Mac’s Weekly Press Conference

About the Boise State game, Mac said:
“The first half we were right with them in the game, and the second half they out-played us. Just like when they gave us credit when we beat them here last year, we’ve got to give them credit because they beat us in Boise. They are a good football team, no one has beaten them there in the WAC, and obviously they have something going for them. They made the plays in the second half and we didn’t, but we’ve already moved on to the Nevada game because that’s going to be a key ball game for us. Boise State’s a good football team; nobody else has beaten them there, so let’s move on.” (UH)

About how Inoke is being blamed unfairly, Mac said:
“The quarterback…(gets) too much credit when he is successful and gets ridiculed when he isn’t. It wasn’t all Inokes’s (Funaki) problem. He got hit when he threw one ball, there was a wrong route run another time, it’s a team game so it’s not all on his back. He’s won two big games for us and was throwing the ball well in the first half, but give Boise State credit too because they made some great plays too. It’s a combination of things and we’re going to work hard to get it worked out. There are eleven guys out there, it’s a team game, and we win and lose as a team. Even though the quarterback is a glory position it’s not all on his back.” (UH)

About how the team has a sense of urgency now and how he believes in his team, Mac said:
“We’re not going to panic, but there’s a sense of urgency. We have to check everything, and I talked to everybody about self-evaluating every little thing. We’re at the point where we have to look at all the little things, because those little things make a difference. If our guys wanted to jump off board, they would’ve done it after the San Jose game. I believe in our players, I believe in our coaches, and I believe in our fans.” (UH)

About how they have had problems scoring in the second half, Mac said:
“I think we got conservative because we we’re trying to win a couple of the ball games and move the clock. I think you can do that against certain teams, but for the next games we’re going to have to open things up and move the ball. We also are going to have to get better on protection and not give up on turnovers and receiver routes.” (UH)

About how their goal is to get better each week so that they won’t just get to the Hawaii Bowl but they will also play well in the Hawaii Bowl, Mac said:
“We have to play better than we did better last week and continue to improve. We don’t have to be superhuman, we just have to continue to be better. Our goal isn’t just to win four to get to the bowl game, our goal is to get better every single week so when we get to the bowl we can represent the people and give something back. The people have been great, we have loyal fans and I just want them to know the players play their tail off in each game and that’s what they’re going to do the rest of the season.” (UH)

About Nevada, Mac said:
“Nevada has an excellent offense. They’re second in the country in running the football. They have a quarterback and a running back that are outstanding and their offensive line is back from last year.” (UH)


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