Quotes from the local papers

Not worrying about his critics, Ron Lee said:
“Honestly, I don’t feel any pressure. I wish we could be doing better for the team’s sake.” (HA)

About Inoke’s INTs in the BSU game, Ron Lee said that Inoke:
“some great throws and he made some bad ones. There was basically some miscommunication and some pressure. One of the interceptions, (Funaki) got hit in the arm as he released the ball.” (HSB)

About how Inoke has the best understanding of their current offense, which features much more running than last year’s offense, Ron Lee said:
“No question, he’s further along in what we’re trying to do. We evaluate everything (the quarterbacks) do in practice. It’s not just what they did in games last year. It’s what they do in practice. Funaki is the guy who does the best in practice, or else we’d go with somebody else.” (HSB)

HA Note: “Lee praised the progress of top backup Greg Alexander, who transferred from Santa Rosa College in May. Against Boise State’s second-team defense, Alexander was 3 of 4 for 44 yards. He was sacked twice. Lee said Alexander has a strong arm and, at 6 feet 4, has a clear view of most of the passing lanes. But Alexander, according to Lee, is not as advanced in the running phase as Funaki. Lee said Tyler Graunke, who is at least fourth on the depth chart, is trying to catch up for missing most of the team conditioning drills in the winter and summer, and all of training camp. Because Graunke was working on clearing up academic issues, he did not spend as much time in weight training as he had in past years.”

About how Inoke’s mobility makes things difficult for the D, Ron Lee said:
“He can move around.” (HA)

HA Note: “Lee said Funaki played well in the first half against Boise State. A sure touchdown pass was dropped. A reception that would have given UH a first-and-goal was nullified because an offensive lineman was aligned too far off the line of scrimmage.”

About how Inoke is improving, Ron Lee said:
“I think Funaki is getting better every week with his throwing. No question about that.” (HA)

About how Inoke is still learning like Colt did in 2005, Ron Lee said:
“Colt (Brennan) went through the same thing his first year (at UH).” (HA)

About Inoke’s INTs, Ron Lee said:
“The good things he’s doing are still outweighing the interceptions.” (HA)

About how Nevada will be looking for revenge after the close loss last year, Solomon Elimimian said:
“Nevada’s a good team, and after last year’s game I’m sure they’ll be motivated to play us.” (HSB)

About how they will put the BSU game behind them and get ready for Nevada, Greg Salas said:
“We’re going to be a little bummed about this, but we have the 48-hour rule, and once that’s up we have to go back to work.” (HSB)

About how BSU’s D plays their offense tough, Rolo said:
“Ever since when I played them I thought they defended our stuff pretty well. I have to give them a lot of credit — they did a lot of stuff to disguise some things and made plays on the ball.” (HSB)

About how BSU’s D took away their short passes in the second half, Salas said:
“In the second half they started adjusting a little bit more to stop the outs and the quick hitches.” (HSB)

About how they wanted to pressure Inoke on 3rd downs, BSU safety Jeron Johnson said:
“On third down we knew we wanted to bring pressure. Our defensive line got pressure and we had five interceptions. That was our game plan, to bring pressure, and it worked.” (HSB)

About how BSU scored 2 TDs and a FG after UH’s first 3 turnovers in the second half, Adam Leonard said:
“Short field, long field, it doesn’t matter. We pride ourselves on getting three-and-outs. We have to come out and play no matter where it is on the field.” (HSB)

About how their vets have to keep the team together and go for the other goals that are in reach, Sol said:
“Our team are veterans and we all know what we have to do. We have to stay together and just keep playing hard because we’ve still got two out of three goals in front of us. We’re veterans and we’ll keep together.” (HSB)

Praising Alexander’s play in their final drive (his first playing time in a long time), Rolo said:
“I think Greg made a lot of improvement. I have to give him credit for staying the course ever since Florida. He took a lot of heat and he never flinched. It’s nice to see as a coach, instead of someone pouting.” (HSB)

About how the Warriors who were injured in the BSU game seem okay now, Ron Lee said:
“Everybody was walking, nobody really down. Monday, they’ll see our trainers and our doctors, we’ll get a better read then. I saw Keala walking, I saw Pilares walking.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “UH has been outscored 109-55 after halftime of its seven games, and 57-16 against four WAC foes. In the last five games, it’s been 81-16 after the marching band yields. The Warriors failed to score AT ALL in the second half of three games, including 17-0 on Friday. First half numbers? UH has outscored its WAC opponents 64-33 in the first two quarters (overall it’s a 99-78 deficit).”


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