Rausch is ineligible for the Boise State game!

About how a clerical error makes Rausch ineligible for the BSU game, Mac said:
“I feel sorry for Brent. It’s not his fault.” (HA)

“I just learned (yesterday) morning, due to a clerical error, at no fault of the coaches, Brent Rausch will not be eligible for this week’s game. The UH faculty athletic representative informed me of the error last Friday and apologized. This error should have been caught earlier in the season. The NCAA will reinstate Brent after this week’s game.” (HSB)

HA Note: “Rausch, who is No. 3 behind Inoke Funaki and Greg Alexander, yesterday was taken off the 64-player travel roster 30 minutes before the Warriors were to leave the Manoa campus for the airport. Jake Santos replaced Rausch on the travel roster.”

About not going to the Boise State game, Rausch said:
“I would have liked to go, but it’s OK. I’m happy for Jake. He’s a senior.” (HA)

HA Note: “The problem, the UH coaches were told, stemmed from an eligibility form Rausch filled out Aug. 2 during the orientation session for first-year Warriors. Rausch inadvertently put in the wrong code in one of the form’s boxes. The mistake was not detected until last week. Faculty athletic representative Peter Nicholson notified McMackin the day before the past Saturday’s game against Louisiana Tech. Rausch was withheld from the Louisiana Tech game while Nicholson tried to get the mistake corrected with the NCAA. Despite the support of the Western Athletic Conference, of which UH is a member, the NCAA had not ruled on the matter yesterday.”

Mac said that Tyler would not be on their travel roster because he is:
“physically unable to play in our opinion.” (HSB)


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