Quotes about Boise State

About how the BSU players, not the turf, is why they are hard to beat at home, Louisiana Tech coach Derek Dooley said:
“The (problem) is the guys that are in the uniforms, not the uniforms. I mean, they ripped us up and down the field so … I don’t buy all that. I mean, the blue turf isn’t what’s winning it is not the uniforms on it. I mean, the fact of the matter is they have a good football players, they’ve got good coaching and they believe in what they’re doing, they have a great system and they’re just whipping everybody’s tail up there.” (HA)

About how UH beat them to win the WAC title last year, Jeremy Childs said:
“They wanted that game more than us. But I cried after that game. I’m an emotional guy. Now I’m just ready to get after them.” (AP)

About how teams want revenge for last season, Mac said:
“Everybody wants to pay us back after last season. That’s just something we deal with.” (AP)

“I know they want payback, everybody wants to pay us back after last season. That’s just something we deal with.” (HSB)

About how their D has forced 10 turnovers in their last 2 games, Mac said:
“Ten in two weeks. Oh that’s fun. They’re excited and having fun and that’s what defense and football is.” (AP)

Concerned about Inoke’s running threat, BSU coach Chris Petersen said:
“You can be doing all the things right and he can take off and make a big play … and then your confidence is shot. Those scrambling quarterbacks … are always a problem.” (AP)

About how they need to beat UH to win the WAC, Chris Petersen said:
“They are the WAC champs, and if you’re going to do anything in the WAC, it starts with Hawaii.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Over the last two games, the Warriors have run the ball 59 percent of the time, compared to 30 percent last season. Funaki’s ability to break off big gains on draws and rollouts presents a dimension the Broncos haven’t faced in past meetings.”

About the changed UH offense, Petersen said:
“It’s a lot more balanced and certainly different than the Hawaii teams that we’ve seen in the past. Now you really have to focus on the run game as well as the pass game, so they are in some ways more challenging.” (HSB)

About BSU’s D, UH OL coach Brian Smith said:
“What they do, they do very well and they’re always where they’re supposed to be. They really don’t make a lot of mistakes and when they do you have to capitalize and you have to out-execute them.” (HSB)

Praising BSU freshman starting QB Kellen Moore, Mac said:
“He does a great job being as young as he is and running this complicated offense. Coaches’ sons have been around it and understand it. He’s football smart and he knows the game.” (HSB)

About how Ian Johnson has blocked a kick and is returning kicks this year, Petersen said:
“We’ve had the luxury of him playing some special teams and doing some things we wanted to do but couldn’t afford to in the past.” (HSB)

About the battle in the trenches, DE David Veikune said:
“Any game that you play you need to start fast and impose your will.” (HSB)

About how teams have only blitzed BSU 14 times this season because of all of the shifting around that the BSU offense does, Mac said:
“That means people are afraid to blitz them because their shifts get them fouled up.” (HSB)


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