Feature on the UH-Boise State game

AO = Arbiter Online

About Inoke and how they changed the offense for him, Mac said:
“[Funaki has] got excellent speed and quickness. He was an option quarterback in high school. We’re having him do some things in addition to run and shoot. When we really decided upon Inoke, that really gave our running game a boost because we can run the option. We still run the run-and-shoot and all the passes. We don’t want to take away from that. It gives us a chance to be a little more diversified.” (AO)

About how it was important for Inoke to get so many reps in the past few games, Mac said:
“I think that it’s important that he gets repetitions and in game situations. Our quarterback position has been up in the air for most of the year.” (AO)

About the win over Louisiana Tech, Mac said:
“It was a hard-fought win over a very physical team and well coached team. I’m proud of my coaches and players because we put in a solid game and came out with a victory. I’m very excited about it.” (AO)

AO Note: “Many of the BSU players haven’t forgot their run-in with the Warriors last season who had upended them in their season finale. Hawaii chanted “WAC Champions.” It was something that has haunted the Broncos leading up to this clash of conference titans.”

About how they are motivated by last year’s loss, LB Gingg said:
“Oh yeah. That got under everybody’s skin. We’re fired up. We’re ready to get these guys.” (AO)

Calling BSU the class program of the WAC, Mac said:
“Obviously Boise is really the class program of the WAC. They’ve won the WAC for many years and everybody strives to have their programs like Boise State. They’re a very well coached team. I think Chris Petersen does a great job.” (AO)

About how they try to always be mentally prepared for games, but some weeks they are more mentally focused than others, Petersen said:
“I think there are certain weeks that you are more mentally peaked than others. We try to play at that very, very high level.” (AO)

About how they cannot take any team for granted, Petersen said:
“I think that college football speaks for itself in terms of the upsets that go on every week.” (AO)

About BSU’s excellent defense, Mac said:
“I think they’re just doing a great job of running to the ball and making plays. …I think defensively they’re very talented.” (AO)

About UH coming to their stadium, Petersen said:
“The WAC Champs coming to town.” (AO)


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