Feature on Jake Ingram

About how he soaks a football with water in practice to prepare for worst-case conditions, long snapper Jake Ingram said:
“Games aren’t going to be perfect. I have to be ready. I’ll go out (before practice) and water the ball down, as if it were a rainy game.” (HA)

Despite the difficult handling of a wet football or other tough conditions, Jake said that:
“if I do my thing, it doesn’t matter how wet the ball is or how cold the weather is, (the snap) will get back there.” (HA)

About how he was demoted after the 2005 game against BSU, after special teams mistakes seriously hurt the Warriors in the game, Ingram said:
“I was really learning how to be a good long-snapper. From then to now is totally a 180(-degree) change.” (HA)

HA Note: “Ingram has gone through a three-step education. He started with a technique that felt comfortable. Then he went to several Web sites that had online instruction on long-snapping. This year, he incorporated his style with tips from Ikaika Malloe, the special-teams coordinator.”

About the online information, Ingram said:
“I go there and pick up little things and try it out on the field. If it works for me, I keep it. If not, I throw it out.” (HA)

About the exercises he’s done this year that focused on his abdominal muscles to improve his strength and balance, Ingram said:
“I can feel the difference. I feel my release is quicker, and everything is more solid.” (HA)

HA Note: “Indeed, his snap-to-catch times have improved. He can deliver an accurate snap to punter Tim Grasso in 0.65 seconds to 0.67 seconds. The total snap-to-punt time is down to under 2 seconds.”

About the fast snap-to-punt time that he and Ingram have, punter Tim Grasso said:
“We just work at it a lot. “It’s really serious to both of us. Coach Malloe can attest to this. If we have a bad day, we’re the worst people in the world to be around. Our job might be small, but it needs to be taken seriously, and we take it seriously.” (HA)


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