Quotes from the Star-Bulletin

About practicing at LG yesterday, Letuli said:
“I played guard for the last two years, so I’m just getting a hang of it. At tackle you’re working with open space, at guard you’re limited in your space. I like having the option to play both and be versatile.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The combination of Kia and Ginlack has started on the left side of the line, with Letuli subbing in at tackle and Raphael Ieru splitting time with Ginlack.”

About how they still aren’t set at LG, OL coach Brian Smith said:
“I think that could be a good fit for (Letuli). It takes away some depth at tackle, but that’s what happens usually. They’ve got to be versatile and have to bounce around all over the place so that you’ll have your best five in the game.” (HSB)

About how their scout team had to simulate all of the different things that BSU’s offense does, Rich Miano said:
“(The Broncos) have different personnel groups and they come in and shift and they’re just flying full speed. Our scout team has to simulate that for us. They’re always valuable, but this is a week where they’ve got to be really quick and focused and give us the best picture they can.” (HSB)

About BSU’s offense, Shane Austin (who was the scout QB this week, portraying Kellen Moore) said:
“They’ve got a crazy offense and when they draw it up on the cards it’s just lines going everywhere.” (HSB)

About how they have been using their depth on D, Mac said:
“We’re rolling them in enough to give guys breaks and give guys with fresh legs an opportunity to play. We don’t put guys in just so they can see what it’s like. We put them in if they can help us win the game and make plays.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The Warriors defense, which faces a prolific Boise State offense on Friday, rotated frequently in a win at Fresno State and got big plays from backups last week against Louisiana Tech. Safety Desmond Thomas came up with a fumble recovery and an interception last Saturday. Defensive end C.J. Allen-Jones saw more action in relief of David Veikune in the last two games and came up with two tackles for losses, including his first career sack, against LaTech.”

About some of their key reserves, Mac said:
“Desmond has been a starter for us and C.J. is quick as a cat. And now that we have (defensive end Francis) Maka it gives us more depth.” (HSB)

About how Desmond replaced Erik Robinson when they use 5 DBs in passing situations, Rich Miano said:
“When it’s more of a passing situation, he’s got a little more range and he goes to the ball well when it’s in the air. He’s more of a center fielder for us.” (HSB)

About how big plays on D fires up their players on D, Desmond said:
“When I got one, then (cornerback Calvin Roberts) got one, then here was a fumble recovery, sacks, people just started making plays and it’s contagious. Everybody feeds off of it.” (HSB)

Praising C.J. Allen-Jones’ improvement, DL coach Dave Aranda said:
“He had a great week of practice. He really made strides in his technique and was a ‘wow’ guy every day on the film and that translated to the game. He’s feeling real comfortable and he’s a weapon for us.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Freshman defensive tackle Vaughn Meatoga also made an impact off the bench for the Warriors. The Kamehameha graduate stepped in last week when senior Keala Watson was sidelined due to a concussion and drew raves from position coach Ikaika Malloe, who said it was Meatoga’s best performance of the season.”

About how they have to focus on the game, Meatoga said:
“We need to always be into the game. Especially when the defense gets together on the sidelines we need to be ready for adjustments.” (HSB)

About how he was nervous early in the season, Meatoga said:
“I still have the same nerves before the game.” (HSB)

About how their vet players help the others on the DL, Meatoga said:
“It’s good to see Keala and Josh (Leonard), they always go out there and hold their ground and soften them up for us.” (HSB)

About Maka, who is behind John Fonoti and Elliott Purcell at left DE, Aranda said:
“We feel real comfortable with all of them. (Maka’s) got those fresh legs, so we want to get him in the game.” (HSB)


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