Quotes from the feature stories on Inoke in the Idaho Statesman

IS = Idaho Statesman

IS Note: “Funaki has rushed for 212 yards in the past three games (not including sacks). He engineered an upset at Fresno State and defeat of Louisiana Tech that pushed the defending champion Warriors right into the thick of the WAC race.”

About how Inoke has been improving as he gets more playing time, Mac said:
“The more he plays, the better he gets.” (IS)

IS Note: “The Warriors have tweaked the run-and-shoot to include the option, bootlegs and more running plays to take advantage of Funaki’s athleticism, take pressure off the quarterback position and prevent defenses from keying on the passing game the way Georgia did in the Sugar Bowl blowout last season.”

About how they wanted to adjust their offense because of the Sugar Bowl, Mac said:
“When we played Georgia, the ends tore us up and we wanted to be able to correct that.” (IS)

Stating that Inoke isn’t a true run-and-shoot QB, Mac said:
“Inoke isn’t a true run-and-shoot quarterback. His arm wasn’t as strong as it is right now (earlier in the season). Give Nick Rolovich, our quarterbacks coach, full credit for getting him to throw the ball, doing different things with him, utilizing his excellent speed and quickness.” (IS)

After the Fresno State game, Inoke said about his teammates and coaches:
“I feel so honored and humbled that they believe in me. I don’t have the greatest arm, but I wanted to do well for this team. And for the state.” (IS)

Rolo told the Advertiser after the Fresno State game that Inoke:
“became the quarterback we thought he could be.” (IS)

About how they have faced 3 dual-threat QBs in their last 4 games, BSU LB Kyle Gingg said:
“Everyone wants to run the same type of offense this year. There’s a lot of carryover from week to week.” (IS)

About following after Colt, Inoke said:
“It’s tough shoes trying to fill in for Mr. Brennan. … Mr. Brennan — that’s the kind of respect he has around here. Now that I’m getting more playing time — I always knew that he was a great quarterback, he threw some great balls, he made some great reads — but you definitely gain a lot more appreciation when you have to actually walk through the shoes and throw some of those routes and the defense is coming at you and things are breaking down.” (IS)

About how the coaches are adjusting the offense to suit him, Inoke said:
“They’re basically just trying to find something that works. Things weren’t going too well. … They’re focusing on my strengths and the ways that I can help the offense.” (IS)

About how he’s getting comfortable as their starter but not taking anything for granted, Inoke said:
“I’ve still tried to maintain that mentality that it’s not mine to keep.” (IS)

About the challenge that BSU poses, Inoke said:
“They’re awesome. … I know every yard we’re going to have to really earn it and we’re really going to have to execute to the best of our ability.” (HA)

About their determination to beat UH, Ian Johnson said:
“We’re not going to let these guys come into our house and keep us from getting another WAC championship. Right now, those guys are the reigning WAC champs. We want to show them that the new WAC champs are back.” (IS)


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