Feature on Ryan Grice-Mullen

TP = The Province

TP Note: “For Grice-Mullen, it seemed like more of the same. Convinced a solid junior year collegiately at Hawaii would get him noticed on the second day of the NFL draft this spring, he settled in at his parents’ home in Ontario, Calif., awaiting a call.”

About how he was shocked that he wasn’t drafted, RGM said:
“I literally did all I could do in college; third in the [U.S.] in catches last year, fifth in yardage and we went to the Sugar Bowl. I had a solid pre-draft grade. Nobody could have told me I was going to go undrafted. I was shocked I didn’t get anything.” (TP)

TP Note: “Camp appearances with the Houston Texans and Chicago Bears as a free agent effectively became a waste once he blew out a hamstring. If you wanted to paint a complete picture of frustration, fast forward to Monday, where a 22-year-old who could have been playing his senior year collegiately in paradise this fall was instead trying to avoid the monsoon that eventually engulfed the first workout of the practice week.”

About how he’d make the same decision again, RGM said:
“If I had to do it again I still would have done the same thing, but not getting drafted kind of sucked a little.” (TP)


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