Quotes about the Warriors and Boise State

About how they will have one less day to prepare for the game due to playing BSU on Friday, Mac said:
“We’ll try to keep it like a normal game week. Everything’s a day early for the coaches, but it’s just something you have to do.” (HSB)

About how Boise State will want to get their WAC title back, Keala Watson said:
“It is going to be another great challenge. I mean everybody’s trying to knock us off this year. Louisiana Tech came out trying to be physical and push us around. They are good challenges. They keep us going, making us play the best football that we can play.” (HA)

About how BSU will be difficult to beat on the road, Mac said:
“They’re an excellent program. They have a package that they perfect and they have great crowd support, so it’s going to be a real challenge.” (HSB)

About freshman QB Kellen Moore (leading the WAC is pass efficiency), Miano said:
“He’s got to be extremely intelligent to run that offense. They’re going to do some tricky things to try to outsmart you. Their playbook must be bigger than the IRS tax code.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The UH defense’s newfound penchant for creating turnovers was a product of a renewed emphasis on the basics in practice. The defense devotes a period early in practice to turnovers, rotating through four stations covering various aspects. Miano oversees the station concentrating on stripping or punching the ball out of a ballcarrier’s grasp, a technique that paid off twice in UH’s 24-14 win over Louisiana Tech.”

About how they work in practice on creating turnovers, Miano said:
“We say it’s like you’re on the East Coast and you haven’t started your lawnmower in a long time. You have to keep pulling hard. We have to create turnovers and not expect them to fall into our laps.” (HSB)

Impressed with how John Fonoti grabbed the fumble that Brashton caused near the goal line, getting it before it went out of bounds, Miano said:
“It sounds simple, but it was really athletic for how big he is and how smooth he looked picking it up like a shortstop. It’s fun to watch when they do it in practice and then you see it in the game, that’s special.” (HSB)

About forcing a fumble in the La Tech game, R.J. Kiesel-Kauhane said:
“We work on that every day, we start off with that and it just comes natural for the guys.” (HSB)

About how they would have gotten Greg Alexander in the game if they hadn’t thrown an INT in the end zone in the second half, Mac said:
“He knew I was trying to get him in. We screwed up and didn’t score. Anyway, I just wanted to win the dang game.” (HA)

About mostly running the ball in the third quarter, Mac said:
“We were moving the ball. We were physically getting after them. Our offensive line was getting after their guys. Shoot, we ran for 191 yards. It came out 177 because of sacks. We were moving the ball, and having the clock run, so why not?” (HA)

HA Note: “McMackin said he will ask the Western Athletic Conference for “clarification” of several calls. He said he is not filing a protest, but “there were several clarifications that I need.””


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