Jordan Loeffler (6’5″, 265 pounds) commits to the Warriors!

Hilo coach Kalani Siliga said that Loeffler rotated in as a DT in their last game, but:
“he’s primarily an offensive tackle.” (HA)

Unsure what position he will play at UH, Loeffler said:
“I’m trying to get stronger, faster and better, and see where the (UH) coaches want to put me.” (HA)

About how he wants to play for the Warriors, Loeffler said:
“I want to be a Warrior. It’s our home state. We’ve got to back up our home state. It’s a good environment. It’s a good place to be.” (HA)

HA Note: “Scouts are intrigued by Loeffler’s strength, agility and, most of all, potential. Although he is 16 years old, he is in Hilo’s senior class and will graduate in June.”

About how he will graduate when he’s just 16 years old, Loeffler said:
“I’m actually supposed to be a junior this year. I was born late. My parents didn’t do that. They moved me up a year early. I’m technically a junior, but I’m a senior.” (HA)

About how Loeffler is still growing, Siliga said that he has a:
“big frame that he’s still growing into. At the next level, I’m pretty sure the coaches will fill him out.” (HA)

HA Note: “Loeffler’s best time in the 40-yard dash is 4.9 seconds, although he regularly runs 5.0 seconds.”

About how he will not play basketball this year, Loeffler said:
“This year, I’m not going to play basketball. I’m going to focus on football.” (HA)

About how he didn’t get a passion for football until he was a freshman, Loeffler said:
“I started to get involved.” (HA)

Looking forward to playing at Aloha Stadium, Loeffler said:
“I think it would be cool to play at Aloha Stadium, especially in front of all of their fans. I’m looking forward to playing in that stadium.” (HA)

Loeffler said that he wasn’t named after Michael Jordan, but:
“my parents joke about it. My dad said he found (the name) in the Bible. I’m not sure.” (HA)

About the importance of his friends (who call him J-Loff 59), Loeffler said:
When he is not studying, playing football or training, “I like to hang out with my friends. My friends are very important to me, just like my family. I like to kick back with them, go to movies.” (HA)


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