Pregame quotes for the UH-La Tech game

Asked for the secret to how he’s leading the team in tackles, Sol said:
“I like to tackle the guy who has the ball. It’s the easiest job in America. Tackle the man with the ball.” (HA)

About how the LBs occupy blockers to create openings for Mouton’s blitzes, Sol said:
“I call him the ‘Cat Burglar.’ He’s so sneaky when he blitzes. He’s so fast. He goes in and out.” (HA)

HA Note: “Richard Torres, who did not play last week because of a concussion, is back on the active roster. He will play the newly created position of single-wedge on kick returns. Torres will be positioned about 10 yards in front of the kick returner and 10 yards behind the wedge of blockers. His job is to block the on-rushing “head-hunter,” helping to escort the kick returner to the wedge. The new strategy was implemented last week. The risk is UH uses only one deep returner; the advantage is the returner has an extra blocker. It paid off last week when Mouton raced 90 yards, eluding five would-be tacklers along the way, for a touchdown. Mouton, Lane and Pilares will take turns returning kickoffs.”

About how they have been adjusting their offense to suit Inoke, Rolo said:
“We’re like mad scientists up there right now.” (HSB)

About how La Tech will adjust to their new offense, Inoke said:
“I’m sure they watched tape, so I’m sure they’ll adjust and come with a different game plan possibly, so we have to be ready for anything.” (HSB)

About UH’s offense, La Tech coach Derek Dooley said:
“It looks like the same Hawaii team. They’re fast, they’re physical, they play with a lot of confidence.” (HSB)

About their struggles on offense, Dooley said:
“We’re getting more big plays than we’ve ever had … we’re converting more third downs than ever, but our throwing and catching consistently are bad. The numbers don’t lie. When you’re completing 40 percent of your balls, that ain’t good.” (HSB)

About how his team will not take La Tech lightly, Mack said:
“We have a few rules: a don’t embarrass-the-program rule, a 48-hour rule (to move on from the previous game), and we have a rule to play one game a week. And believe me, they won’t be looking ahead of anybody. Last time we were home we didn’t win. So they’re going to be focused on Louisiana Tech.” (HSB)


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