Other quotes from the local papers

About how he wants all of their QBs to stay “in the game” even if they aren’t on the field, Rolo said:
“I told them we’re all in this together, so I need all your guys’ eyes, I need you in the game. I want them trying to figure out if they can see something (in the defense).” (HSB)

About preparing for the game as the #2 QB, Alexander said:
“It’s still the same approach. I just always have to be prepared and try to get better every day. … At the same time I’m learning a lot just from watching (Funaki) and Tyler (Graunke).” (HSB)

About how Fresno State ran for 318 yards against them and had 2 RBs each get more than 150 yards rushing, Mack said:
“We don’t want to let someone run the ball against us like that. We made up for it in turnovers, but this is an excellent rushing team coming in here and we’ve got to control their running game.” (HSB)

About how their DL needs to play well to control La Tech’s running game, Mack said:
“We have to play very physical with our defensive front. They’ll be as good a pair of running backs as we’ll see.” (HSB)

About their mistakes on run defense, Sol said:
“We watched film and we had some mis-alignments and we did things that hurt us. They got a lot of yards on stuff that we did more so than them just physically whipping us. That’s something we learned from.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “LaTech ranks last in the conference in scoring and coach Derek Dooley said the Bulldogs’ youth along an offensive line that starts four sophomores and a freshman has contributed to their growing pains.”

About how their defenders are recovering from the physical game against Fresno State, Keala Watson said:
“That’s what football is all about, coming out here every morning when you’re banged up. Everybody’s taped up, we’ve got braces on. Like Coach Mack says, there’s a difference between injury and being hurt. Everybody hurts.” (HSB)

Looking forward to a physical game against La Tech, Brashton Satele said:
“It’s going to be a fun, hard-nosed, hard-hitting game. I like the running games, it’s a man-on-man kind of offense.” (HSB)


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