Quotes from the local papers from October 8

About the pre-game pep talk that Tony Tuioti gave the Warriors, Brashton Satele said:
“When you feel pain, you’ve got to suck it up and play. He really inspired us that game.” (HA)

HA Note: “In his pre-game pep talk the past Saturday, Hawai’i director of football operations Tony Tuioti implored the Warriors to “stand up.” Stand up to adversity. Stand up to expectations. And, most of all, stand up to the hurts of the game.”

About getting a career-high 9 tackles against Fresno State despite an injured shoulder, Brashton said:
“I separated my shoulder three times last week.” (HA)

About not letting injuries keep him off of the field, Brashton said:
“I’m going to strap it up.” (HA)

“Now that I have the taste of the field, I don’t want to lose that feeling. I’m going to play through whatever happens.” (HA)

HA Note: “Satele’s right shoulder might require offseason surgery. He currently undergoes intensive treatment. He also wears a shoulder harness. Although he was held out of yesterday’s practice, he is expected to work out today. And he will start in Saturday’s game against Louisiana Tech.”

About Brashton’s improvement this season, Mack said:
“He’s a tough mother. He’s mentally tough. That has improved his game.” (HA)

Mack said that Brashton always had potential, but in past seasons:
“he had a lot of adversity” (HA)

HA Note: “During the offseason, Satele focused on his weight-training. He squat-lifted 455 pounds, a 140-pound improvement from the previous year. He said he receives daily tutorial sessions from Elimimian. The lessons are useful. Against Fresno State, Satele correctly read the running back and offensive guard. Satele stepped into the lane and intercepted a pass.”

About how he thought he would return his interception for a TD vs. Fresno State, Brashton said:
“I thought I’d take it to the house but I got tackled.” (HA)

About having Pilares practice exclusively with the slotbacks, Mack said that Kealoha is:
“one of our best players. We want him on the field as much as possible.” (HA)

About practicing at slotback yesterday, Pilares said:
“I’m kind of rusty.” (HA)

“I just practiced receiver today just to get comfortable with the plays just in case they put me in the ballgame and I don’t want to be out there clueless. They’re letting me take reps so I can familiarize myself again.” (HSB)

About asking WR coach Craig Stutzmann for a refresher course after practice, Pilares said:
“It’s very much a different language.” (HA)

About playing slot receiver during the Fresno State game, Pilares said:
“They put me in there mostly to block. I just like being on the field to help out as much as I can.” (HSB)

About how he’s running more instinctively and with greater confidence this season, Pilares said:
“Last year I was kind of hesitant in everything I did. This year I’m just trying to go with the flow and do what I can do.” (HSB)

About blocking at WR as compared to blocking at RB, Pilares said:
“I like blocking at receiver. It’s a lot more fun. Guys don’t know you’re going to block them until the last second. Then you just hit them.” (HA)

About studying the kicker for his kick block attempts, Tua Mahaley said:
“Just to make sure I know the kicker. If he’s left-footed or right-footed, to see if he’s accurate in getting it in that specific gap from a distance on the field, and it depends on the hash.” (HSB)

About how he works hard as a scout team DE to make the offense better, Tua Mahaley said:
“I make sure every day I do my job because we all have a role out here, if it’s first team, second team, scout team. My job is to give the offense a look.” (HSB)

About Tua’s key block at the end of regulation of the Fresno State game, Mack said:
“It meant something to him, he has an important role and he made a play to help us win the ballgame.” (HSB)

About how success on special teams can lead to playing time on offense or defense, Mack said:
“When they show what they can do in a game and how much it means to them, then it gets coaches eyes and then they start getting reps on offense and defense.” (HSB)

About how he would consider trying out for the volleyball Warriors, who have a shortage of middle blockers, Tua Mahaley said:
“It’s UH. It’s all about UH sports.” (HA)

About how Tua needs to work on his spikdes, Keao Monteilh said:
“We played volleyball when we went to the Hawai’i Bowl (in 2006). We were playing at the water park. Tua has the worst slam I’ve seen in my life. Maybe they’ll bring him in just to block.” (HA)

About the cut on his forehead from the Fresno State game, Ikaika Malloe said:
“I get a little emotional during the games, especially on kickoff coverage. Every once in a while I start head-butting our players. … I got scolding from my wife (Sunday), so it might be the last time I head-butt somebody.” (HSB)

About being a wedge blocker on their kick returns, Cameron Allen-Jones said:
“It feels good just to have a spot. Everybody on this whole team, whether you’re on offense, defense or special teams, you’ve just got to play your role and everything else will come.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Associate head coach George Lumpkin concentrated on getting the wedge unit — with Allen-Jones and Clore in the middle flanked by Paredes and Farmer — to form up a correct distance in front of Mouton.”

About adjusting their kickoff blocking unit to suit Ryan Mouton’s speed, George Lumpkin said:
“Because he’s faster than those guys, you want him to run up into the wedge and it’s kind of like a cocoon. When he gets in the wedge and they hit, then he should pop through like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon. Then the rest is up to him.” (HSB)

About what he told his kickoff return teammates before Mouton’s TD return, Victor Clore said:
“Right before we went out, I just told everybody get on their blocks and do their jobs and meet Ryan in the end zone for that touchdown dance. Sure enough we had the whole kick return team down there jumping around with him.” (HSB)

About blocking on kick returns, Clore said:
“It’s not for everybody but it’s fun. I enjoy it. I like a little contact. It’s like live bullets flying around you, you only have a split-second to decide what you want to do.” (HSB)

About having 9 days between their game against BSU and the game against UH, LaTech coach Derek Dooley said:
“There’s a nine-day window, which is not common obviously. It’s not really an open date, but it is a couple extra days to get a little rest and recover and we certainly needed it after the last game.” (HSB)

About how they haven’t discussed (yet) making UH and Lousiana Tech pay travel subsidies to other WAC teams, WAC commissioner Karl Benson said:
“Our philosophy is to treat all of our schools (the same) regardless of geographical location.” (HA)

Benson added a comment that sohuld worry UH and Louisiana Tech fans:
“I think we have to be prudent in making good business decisions at the same time.” (HA)


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