Other quotes from the local papers

Mack said that Alexander was the #2 QB last week and:
“I haven’t seen anything to change my mind.” (HA)

About how he didn’t practice yesterday due to a sore shoulder, Greg Salas said:
“I’ll be fine. I’ll be good.” (HA)

About practicing at MLB with Brashton hurt yesterday, Sol said:
“In the middle of battle you’ve got to be ready to do whatever coach tells you to or whatever’s best for the team, it wasn’t a problem at all.” (HSB)

About arriving in Hawaii yesterday, La Tech LB Quin Harris said:
“We’re going a day early this time and we’re going to get two practices in so that’ll definitely help. I think the practice on Thursday is something we’re going to need just to get a feel for the environment.” (HSB)


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