Quotes from the local papers on October 7

About celebrating his game-winning FG with a turkey sandwich and Gatorade, Dan Kelly (WAC special teams player of the week) said:
“I ate my sandwich. It was quite good. It was (from) the Oakland Hilton. They make some good sandwiches. My compliments go out to them. I watched SportsCenter until 3 a.m. They had the top-10 plays. (Ryan) Mouton made No. 3 (for a 90-yard kickoff return for a touchdown), which was fun to watch. Then I went to bed. I woke up at 7:30, 8, ate breakfast, got on the plane, got off the plane, did a little homework. All around, it was a fantastic celebration.” (HA)

About how he showed his improvement in the Fresno State game (after missing 4 of his previous 5 FG attempts), Kelly said:
“I have to do better in non-pressure situations. I felt this (past) weekend was a good weekend to show that. I kicked in non-pressure situations, and then in the end, I kicked in a pressure situation.” (HA)

Crediting his blockers, long-snapper Jake Ingram, and holder Tim Grasso, Kelly said:
“They did a great job.” (HA)

Feeling that the win will turn their season around, Kelly said:
“There are always going to be people who love us, and there are always going to be haters. We have to keep truckin’ and get another victory.” (HA)

About how he did a slight stutter-step at the start of his kick strides in the Fresno State game, like he does in all loud stadiums where he cannot hear holder Tim Grasso well, Kelly said:
“It’s put in just for that one reason alone, if you do mess up you can control your momentum and stay back. It was designed where if I do scrub, it’s to bail me out. So I just fell back on my technique.” (HSB)

About how he went to meet with his family and girlfriend Kelly Braden after the game, Kelly said:
“My whole family was there, and there was nothing else that seemed logical. I already got dog-piled by my entire team. If I get molested by my teammates, I might as well go up there and prove myself to my girlfriend. There’s nothing else I felt like doing – I wanted to get up there and share with the rest of my family.” (HSB)

Crediting David Veikune for making the QB throw an errant pass that he intercepted, Keao Monteilh (WAC defensive player of the week) said:
“Veikune didn’t just hit the guy, he nailed the guy. He made him throw it a little higher than he wanted to. It was a good rush.” (HA)

Crediting Josh Leonard for tipping a pass that he got for his other interception, Monteilh said:
“He tipped it, and it fell into my hands.” (HA)

HA Note: “Monteilh said the Warriors fulfilled head coach Greg McMackin’s prediction that turnovers would “come in bunches.” Through the first four games, the Warriors forced two turnovers, both on fumbles. Against Fresno State, they intercepted three passes and recovered three Bulldog fumbles. Monteilh said “fire drills” — 20-minute sessions devoted to interceptions and interception returns — proved helpful. He said the drills are not taxing when defensive coordinator Cal Lee throws the passes.”

Monteilh said that when Steele Jantz is the scout QB for their “fire drills”:
“he makes us work for it in practice. Steele makes us run for it. He doesn’t lob it, he throws it. Sometimes we get mad. It’s early in the morning, and he’s making us run for it. But it wakes us up. It’s good.” (HA)

About how they played with more energy in Fresno, Monteilh said:
“Even during the (pregame) ha’a, I could feel it.” (HA)

About getting the nickname “Tip Drill King”, Monteilh said:
“I guess that’s my new name now … everybody says everything comes off a tip. But some guys, if you’re in the right spot, you’re gonna get a tip, so I’ve just been blessed that it comes to me.” (HSB)

About how Inoke is their #1 QB, Mack said:
“Inoke just won a big game for us. There is no quarterback controversy. Inoke is our quarterback. … That’s who’s going to be our quarterback.” (HA)

Mack said that they expanded their offense:
“so Inoke can utilize his qualities. That’s what coaching is all about. It’s not just fitting somebody into a square (hole).” (HA)

About the post pattern Inoke threw to Malcolm Lane for a TD, Mack said:
“The touchdown he threw was a run-and-shoot play.” (HA)

About how he turned his life around during his sophomore year, redshirt junior Tua Mahaley said:
“I thought I was here for football, but I wasn’t. I turned my life around my sophomore year. I started to go back to church. I realized I needed God in my life to be able to do anything.” (HA)

About how newcomers often approached him saying that they heard about the party-going Tua, Tua said:
“I didn’t want that reputation. I had to change my ways.” (HA)

HA Note: “Along with Barrett Awai, a former Kamehameha Schools standout athlete, Mahaley revived the UH chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Mahaley helps lead team prayers after every practice.”

About Tua, Adam Leonard said:
“He’s really dedicated his life to God. He helps keep me accountable in my walk with Christ. He’s definitely turned his life around. He’s definitely walked the walk.” (HA)

About being a leader, Tua said:
“I realized to be a leader, I had to represent by walking straight with God. I had to be a leader in that way, and not do the things I used to do.” (HA)

Tua added that:
“you can still have fun. Just because you’re a Christian, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Christians have fun all of the time.” (HA)

HA Note: “Mahaley earned the nickname “Tua” from offensive tackle Laupepa Letuli’s grandfather, who was a high priest in American Samoa. Mahaley, who is African-American and Native American, and Letuli have been friends since high school. Mahaley was recruited as a receiver, but switched to defensive end last season. This season, he was asked to serve as a kick blocker. He is positioned behind defensive tackles Keala Watson and Josh Leonard. Watson and Leonard are asked to create a push, moving the line of scrimmage a couple of yards. Then Mahaley, off a two- or three-step approach, jumps with both hands in the air. Mahaley is capable of a 33-inch vertical jump.”

About how he tries to read the kicker, Tua said:
“When he starts to cock his foot back, I jump off of that.” (HA)

About how Tua takes his kick-blocking role seriously, Adam Leonard said:
“He only has one job, one opportunity to make a difference in a game. He clings to that, and it really showed. He really deserved that (block).” (HA)

About the bogus running-into-the-kicker penalty he got in overtime, Calvin Roberts said:
“When I came off the corner, the dude kind of pushed me in the back. Then I dove on the ground. I thought (the kick) was no good from the beginning. I don’t believe I touched him. But the ref called it. I was kind of shocked.” (HA)

HA Note: “McMackin said league rules prohibit him from commenting on the quality of the officiating. But he said he had never been involved in a game in which a team was not penalized. Of the pass-interference penalty, McMackin said, Mouton was coached to defend the play the way he did. McMackin said he wants a clarification to determine whether he was interpreting the technique the same way.”

About the 11-0 penalty distribution, Mack said:
“I have a call in to the (WAC) commissioner (Karl Benson). I would like to have some clarifications, I’ve coached a long time and I’ve never been in a situation where a team doesn’t get any penalties and you get 11 penalties.” (HSB)

About the pass interference penalty on Mouton, Mack said:
“I wouldn’t coach Ryan Mouton (any differently). I’ve coached DBs all my life, (secondary coach) Rich Miano’s played in the pros, and coached DBs for a long time. He played it exactly as we teach him to play the post.” (HSB)

About how they have decided to not give refunds to their PPV customers despite missing most of the first quarter, Oceanic-Time Warner VP and Operations Manager Norman Santos said:
“Our position is we delivered substantially the whole game. We controlled what we could. If we’re looking at the end of the game it’s a whole different scenario. That would have resonated.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The cable company (with UH’s authorization) was not promising anything yesterday; Oceanic claimed no fault because the outage “was on the Fresno side of the ledger,” vice president and operations manager Norman Santos said.”

HSB Note: “Santos also said a quicker response might be in order if UH had lost the game. My translation: It would’ve been harder to try to slip this by fans unhappy with a loss.”

About how he called for a refund due to the problems with Saturday’s PPV and was told he would be credited $10, Clint Akine of Hilo (who was promised a credit for an outage during a volleytball game last month and still hasn’t received that credit) said:
“It’s just not right. I was promised a service and paid for it and didn’t receive it.” (HSB)

About how he and JD are coordinating with Oceanic and monitoring the complaints about the PPV outage, UH Assistant AD John McNamara said:
“The only thing off the table is a full refund. We’re not at odds (with Oceanic). We want to make sure we look at this from all different sides and appreciate the patience of the fans. Different options are being explored.” (HSB)

About how Rocky Savaiigaea’s injury status and season status would be decided this week, Ikaika Malloe said:
“Rocky’s going to work out with us this week. We have to decide something on him.” (HSB)

About how Fale Laeli’s ankle needs to be examined, Malloe said:
“We may have brought him back too quickly.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The News-Star (La.) reported yesterday that Louisiana Tech defensive end Kwame Jordan, considered the Bulldogs’ best pass rusher, will miss the Hawaii game with an “unspecified injury.” He leads the team with five tackles for loss and 31/2 sacks.”


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