Spencer Smith is a key to the special teams

About how he will take Richard Torres’ job of blocking the opposing team’s head-hunter on kick returns, Spencer Smith said:
“I’m just doing another job, showing I can play anywhere.” (HA)

About giving an additional special teams job to Spencer Smith, Ikaika Malloe said:
“Spencer is always ready.” (HA)

About how he learned to adapt from his parents–his father was raised in Wales, his mother is from NY, he was born in Florida, lived briefly in England, and moved to Georgia when he was 4, Spencer said:
“They raised me good. I’ve been able to get along with everyone.” (HA)

About his crushing tackle on a SJSU kick returner, Spencer said:
“The wedge-busters (Brashton Satele and Cory Paredes) did their job. They busted it. I went right to the hole. I thanked them afterward.” (HA)


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