Fresno Bee feature on the Warriors

FB = Fresno Bee

About the struggles of their offense, Inoke said:
“I wouldn’t call it sad times, but definitely tough. We’re running the same plays, same schemes, but the results are different. It’s been trying these past couple of weeks. You look back at what we did last year, and to be struggling now. It’s just tough. Everyone is just trying to hang in there.” (FB)

About the struggles of their offense, Mack said:
“Every week there’s a new problem, and this week is the same situation. People think we can’t make a decision [on a starting quarterback]. It’s not that. In this offense, you need repetition. You start out, one guy is not eligible, then the other guy gets hurt. There’s been something every week. It hasn’t been a very stable position for us, and it has detracted from our success.” (FB)

About how making the Sugar Bowl was extremely beneficial for their school and community, UH-Manoa communications director Gregg Takayama said:
“The Sugar Bowl was a successful game for us in every way but the scoreboard. It was tremendous what that run did for the campus and the amount of pride there was from the whole community. Everyone felt bad how it ended. But there was just so much pride. Everyone will always remember that run.” (FB)

About how JJ was not happy with HF and the facilities, Ron Lee said:
“We saw it coming, but never really talked about it. There were things June wasn’t happy about.” (FB)

FB Note: “Jones criticized the facilities and was unhappy about his salary and contract negotiations with then-athletic director Herman Frazier. In a last-minute attempt to keep Jones, school chancellor Virginia Hinshaw and president David McClain met with Jones to offer a $2 million salary that matched what SMU was willing to pay. They also promised Jones facility renovations. Jones mulled over the decision.”

About UH’s last-minute offer, JJ wrote in an e-mail to HF:
“The fact of the matter is all of a sudden today people are running around trying to get this done at the last minute when SMU shows interest [in] me … this just confirms to me [that] the system and the people that make these decisions don’t really get it. I’m tired. … Let someone else fight the fights and live another day.” (FB)

About how JJ’s complaints about the facilities has resulted in their new funding, Takayama said:
“I think a lot of people heard Coach Jones talk about the facilities. The state Legislature then felt Hawaii renovations were long overdue.” (FB)

FB Note: “The BCS run also brought about a financial windfall to Hawaii, with $2.5 million assigned to the athletic department to help balance its budget and pay for coaches’ bonuses. Takayama said the BCS run also likely spurred an increase in licensing revenue, from $1 million before the team’s BCS run to $1.8 million now. And the added exposure is credited for a slight increase in the number of students applying to the university (up 5%) and a spike in alumni association membership (up 40%).”

About how they need to cut down on turnovers, Ron Lee said:
“We’re not going to beat anybody if we don’t cut down on the turnovers and start playing better. It would be disappointing if nothing positive happened after last year’s journey.” (FB)

About the success of last year’s offense, Inoke said:
“I look at film of last year and it’s frustrating. You have even more appreciation of what we did last year. They made it look so easy. We’re not all on the same page.” (FB)


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