Feature on the struggles of UH’s passing game

About how it has been nearly a month since their last passing TD, Mike Washington said:
“Man, I’ve been thinking about that, since when has the run-and-shoot not had a receiving touchdown? It’s been three weeks. It’s crazy in a way to not have a receiving touchdown.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “With their scoring limited to three rushing touchdowns – all by Kealoha Pilares – and a field goal over the last two games, the Warrior offense is looking for more production from the passing game as UH prepares to face No. 22 Fresno State (3-1) tomorrow at Bulldog Stadium.”

About how the QB changes has hurt the rhythm of the passing game, Ron Lee said:
“We’ve been jumping around so much. Now I see the timing getting better, just getting more reps is helping.” (HSB)

About the importance of the timing between the QBs and WRs in their offense, Mike Washington said:
“Especially in the run-and-shoot offense, you always need the rhythm and timing between the quarterbacks and receivers. We built up that rhythm with Inoke and we have to get better with it.” (HSB)

About how their WRs have to always be ready for a pass, WR coach Craig Stutzmann said:
“You never know when you’re going to get the ball and that’s the hardest thing about playing receiver. Even if you might not get the ball in the first quarter or the second quarter, maybe even the third quarter, you’re going to have to stay focused. Because that play that you do get the ball can change the whole complexion of the game.” (HSB)


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