Quotes from the local papers

Remembering how UH won 68-37 the last time they played at Bulldog Stadium, Fresno State coach Pat Hill said:
“They came into our stadium and (put) a shellacking on us β€” and we all remember it well.” (HA)

HA Note: “It was bad enough that UH rolled up 570 total yards, put in the subs early and slapped the most points on the Bulldogs of any visitor to the stadium. But the loss also underlined what a disappointment the (4-8) 2006 season was as a whole.”

About the loss (they were behind 42-17 at halftime), Hill said:
“We ran into a buzzsaw.” (HA)

One Fresno State fan was upset that the Warriors did:
“that crazy dance of theirs (the haka) on our field.” (HA)

Fresno radio talk show host Kelly Carr said yesterday that Fresno to score 100 points against UH, adding:
“I don’t think we should beat Hawai’i, I think we should embarrass them.” (HA)

Remembering the loss (he was a sophomore starting QB then), starting QB Tom Brandstater said:
“When we do beat ’em on our field, yeah, we’re gonna kinda smile a little bit and remember this is for what you did to us two years ago.” (HA)

“So, there’s a little bit (of revenge) in there.” (HA)

About how he works his leg really hard on game days, punter Tim Grasso said:
“I work (the right leg) out so hard on a Saturday, I have to rest it for three days. It’s like a pitcher. It’s an awkward motion for a pitcher to pitch a ball. It’s the same kind of thing with the punter’s hamstring. The punter’s hamstring is not supposed to go up in the air like that.” (HA)

HA Note: “Grasso is required to situational punt this season. If a returner has a difficult time with high kicks, Grasso will try to launch punts with significant hang time. If a returner has difficulty catching on the run, Grasso will attempt directional kicks outside the numbers on the field. By kicking diagonally, a punt credited at 40 yards is actually traveling more than 45 yards in the air.”

About how Grasso’s punting average is misleading, special teams coordinator Ikaika Malloe said:
“If we let him kick it away, he could boom it 10 yards past what he does.” (HA)

HA Note: “Because of the stress on his right hamstring, Grasso does not practice for three days after a Saturday game. He then will practice Wednesday and Thursday, and take off Friday. On game day, his workouts begin while he still is in bed. He will attach 8-pound weights to his ankles. Then, while lying down and staring at the ceiling, he will curl his lower body, with his feet hanging above his face.”

About simulating punting between 80 and 100 times in a game, Grasso said:
“I try to stay flexible the whole game.” (HA)

About how punters would rather not punt, because that would mean that the team is doing well, Grasso said:
“If you play, it means your team is not doing well. I honestly love the atmosphere of a successful team. I’d rather not play at all because it means the team is doing a good job. I told coach (Greg McMackin) straight up: ‘I hope I don’t have to play.’ ” (HA)

HA Note: “Six Warriors were required to roll the length of the practice field as punishment for personal fouls incurred during the San Jose State game and “other incidents,” McMackin said. Quarterback Tyler Graunke had to roll because he was late to a team meal. Offensive linemen Brysen Ginlack, John Estes and Aaron Kia were punished for committing personal fouls. In Kia’s case, he punched an opponent who had blind-sided him after a UH turnover.”

About having to do punishment rolls for his personal foul, Kia said:
“I let the emotions get the best of me. I deserved my punishment.” (HA)

About how he cannot lose control of himself anymore, Kia said:
“That’s not showing good leadership. It’s not showing good discipline. It’s going to give a bad name for the coaches and the university. It’s totally avoidable.” (HA)

Brian Kajiyama issued a statement to clarify his position on the E:60 piece on him:
“I appreciate the piece that E:60 produced that shared my life story. However, I was disappointed in any instances which coach Greg McMackin and the University of Hawai’i program were negatively portrayed. That was not my intention. I appreciate the opportunity that Coach McMackin has provided me to continue being a part of the Warrior ‘ohana. I will continue to remain loyal to the University of Hawai’i and will do my best in my new capacity.” (HA, HSB)

About naming Kajiyama academic counselor when former UH safety David Gilmore was hired as a graduate assistant, Mack said:
“We place a lot of emphasis on academics, which is why we put Brian in charge of that position.” (HA)

About how he’s going to try to recruit his teammate DE Iuta Tepa for the Warriors, George Daily-Lyles said:
“I’m going to drop a few hints here and there, but in the end it’s up to him.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Daily-Lyles (5-foot-11, 220 pounds) is a leader in the middle of the Long Beach Poly defense, and recorded 28 tackles in the Jackrabbits’ first three games this season. He committed to UH last Friday, then recorded 10 tackles in a 14-0 win over Carson that night. He also had offers from Arizona and Portland State.”

About Daily-Lyles, Long Beach Poly coach Raul Lara said:
“He makes all the calls and obviously he’s playing real well. He runs well, very aggressive, intelligent and just makes plays.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Daily-Lyles is poised to become the first Long Beach Poly player to sign with Hawaii since offensive lineman Hercules Satele, and said the connection between the schools factored into his decision.”

Happy that he chose UH and put recruiting behind him, Daily-Lyles said:
“It’s good to get recruiting out of the way.” (HSB)

About his DE teammate Tepa (who Lara said also has an offer from Arizona), Daily-Lyles said:
“He’s just a big, fast, smashmouth defensive end. Hit first, ask questions later.” (HSB)

About giving Alexander and Rausch practice reps yesterday, Mack said:
“Tyler’s hand’s bothering him and we’ve got to get those guys better, so we’re going to start repping them.” (HSB)

HSB Note “After his increased look, Rausch was one of a half-dozen players handed punishment shoulder rolls across the field at the end of practice. He was poised after executing the grueling drill and explained he was late to a team meeting.”

About how their QBs need to play better, Rausch said:
“We gotta start making some plays at the quarterback spot. All of us have played, just gotta step it up. I’m still with the team, I’m still working to win, and I’m still with all these guys. We all just want to win. I don’t think anyone’s fallen off yet.” (HSB)

About how they reviewed yesterday the turnovers made by their QBs, Rolo said:
“We needed to take our medicine and we need to learn from our mistakes.” (HSB)

About how they adjusted their game plan when they selected Inoke to be their starter, Rolo said:
“We feel these changes give us the best chance to win, get him out of the pocket and let him use his athleticism to give us a chance to win.” (HSB)

About reviewing the SJSU game tape, Inoke said:
“It’s never easy, but it’s something you have to do whether you want to see it or not. It’s almost like going through it again, going through the whole thing. It’s not the greatest feeling, but that’s part of it.” (HSB)

About learning from his mistakes, Inoke said:
“That’s what we’re trying to do, correct those mistakes. There were a lot of them.” (HSB)

About how he will get a full week of starter’s reps this week to prepare for Fresno State, Inoke said:
“Either way, if they name a starter right away or if they wait to the last day, you have to take advantage of every rep. You never know what can happen, its been a very roller-coaster season thus far.” (HSB)

Note: This will be the first time that UH will start the same QB in back-to-back games.

About how they need to respond better when they make mistakes, Rolo said:
“We need to be able to pull ourselves out after a mistake. It seemed like it steamrolled. Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s how you respond.” (HSB)

About how Inoke made a lot of plays with his running ability, Rolo said:
“Obviously, turnovers hurt. But if you look at the plays he made when nothing was there, he got three first downs that should have been sacks, he kept drives going and for the most part, went through his progression and was disciplined in the offense.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The coaches said Funaki has a little more zip on the ball than earlier in the season, the result of a subtle adjustment in his throwing motion. Rolovich said the velocity has come as Funaki worked on opening his left side more, thus pulling his arm through as he throws.”

About how their new camera system allowed them to improve Inoke’s throwing motion, Rolo said:
“He’s got a lot of torque and he’s got a lot of power in his body and I just couldn’t understand why we weren’t getting anything out of it. I have to give credit to the new camera system and the ability to zoom in on his drills. You’ll see the ball spinning better, it’s cutting through the air and he’s throwing it to a spot instead of letting it hang out there and hoping.” (HSB)


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