KHNL feature on the Warriors

Proud of how his team played against SJSU, Mack said:
“Quite honestly, in watching the film it was one of the best games we played in so far.” (KHNL)

About their improvement in the SJSU game, Mack said:
“We really improved our special teams, we really improved on defense, we played with emotion, offensively we moved the football, we got better as a team but our turnovers killed us.” (KHNL)

About their 17-2 (the wrong way) turnover ratio, Mack said:
“You can’t win games when you have a bad turnover ratio.” (KHNL)

About how they need to cut down on personal foul penalties, Mack said:
“There were too many of them in this game, it cost us there at crucial times, and they are going to be dealt with severely.” (KHNL)

Praising Ryan Mouton for playing despite his painful rib injury, Mack said:
“He didn’t know if he had broken ribs or bruised ribs, but it was really painful and he didn’t take himself out of the game.” (KHNL)

About how the other WAC teams want to beat the current WAC champions, Mack said:
“We’re the defending champions, they all want to take a shot at us because we beat them all the last year and the last couple years.” (KHNL)


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