Injury update for the Warriors

About how he suffered his concussion after catching a pass, Malcolm Lane said:
“On the first play, a curl route, I had the ball. I tried to get a couple of more yards. They had me in a pile, and my head was down. I felt a big ol’ boom. I guess somebody hit me on the top of my head. My neck went down, I felt like my head exploded. It was weird.” (HA)

About how he sat out 2 plays and then returned, Lane said that he went to the sideline in a daze after Pilares’ 34-yard TD run:
“I was out of it. I didn’t feel like myself.” (HA)

About the concussion he suffered after scoring his second TD, Pilares said:
“I got hit right on top of the head. I didn’t know where I was. The trainers kept me out (of the game) for precaution.” (HA)

Rocky said that he wasn’t fully recovered from his triceps injury but was able to play extensively in his first game of the season (SJSU) until he extended his arms and:
“it popped on me. I wasn’t 100 percent, but I was able to play. I was playing good and it was holding up on me and just that one motion just killed it for me. It felt so good to be back with the boys, feel the emotions, make plays, just be able to hit someone else other than your own people. But it’s part of the game, injuries happen so I’m not going to hang my head.” (HSB)

About how the injured Warriors except for Rocky should be able to play vs. Fresno State, Mack said:
“I think all of those guys are going to be back. Rocky we’re going to have to look at.” (AP)


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