Fresno State is worried about the Warriors

About how teams will play hard against Fresno State since they are ranked (#22), Pat Hill said:
“People want to beat Fresno. People want to beat Top 25 teams. They want to come into our stadium and win.” (HA)

Ignoring that they are a 22-point favorite, Hill is worried about the Warriors:
“This game against Hawai’i is going to be a tough game I promise you. I promise you right now Hawai’i will come in ready to play. Their backs are to the wall. They’re in a must-win situation and they have a lot of pride. They are a tough, tough group of kids and they will play their heart out. It is gonna be a knock-down, drag-out football game.” (HA)

When someone asks if they will empty their bench after getting far ahead of the Warriors, Hill said:
“We have to play up against Hawai’i. I’m not dreaming about grass skirts. I’m thinking about those green (clad linemen). They are physical. This game is going to be a battle, I promise you.” (HA)

HA Note: “Hill mentions several times during his various media stops that the Warriors are the “defending WAC champs” and talks up their “senior laden defense” that his “young, work in progress” Bulldogs will have to go up against.”

Asking their fans to help them against the Warriors, Hill said:
“We have a great opponent coming in, a team that has been very good against us. I expect to see a full house. So do our players. Our players expect to go down the ramp (at Bulldog Stadium) and see it all red there.” (HA)


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