Feature on how UH has to avoid the personal foul penalties

About how three players will be punished after practice for the personal foul penalties, Mack said:
“That’s something that won’t be allowed – you can’t play like that. We haven’t had problems with that in the past, but there were too many in this game and it cost us. They were at crucial times and they’re going to be dealt with severely.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Hawaii was called for a season-high 11 penalties, with the personal fouls accounting for 70 of the 115 yards the Warriors were docked (one occurred with UH at its 20, resulting in a 10-yard penalty).”

About how his players talked a lot more during the game, Mack said:
“There was a lot of talking going on in the game. Games in the past, other coaches have told me how good our guys are, that they’re not chattering out there. I think they got into some of that.” (HSB)

About how SJSU baited them into several penalties, Mack said:
“We’ve got to be stronger than that, we’ve got to have discipline. This hasn’t been a problem until this ballgame. … If guys are baiting us into that, we’ve got to be tougher than that.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The Spartans apparently got under the Warriors’ collective skin during warm-ups Saturday, when the visitors edged a little too close to the home team. Chirping galore before kickoff, leading to plenty of lips flapping during the game and scuffles after the whistle.”

About how their personal foul penalties hurt their team, Mack said:
“Those are crucial penalties that took away first downs. That’s selfish.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “He said there would be plenty of extra running and maybe a shoulder roll or 10 for the offenders today. It’s no coincidence that the Warriors’ most contentious game so far this season was its first against a WAC foe. UH picked up an image with some in the league over the years as a band of showboating bullies, and payback is an itch every team in the conference wants to scratch – starting with Fresno State on Saturday.”

About how the personal foul penalties upset him, Mack said:
“We have a disciplined team. I’m not going to allow guys jumping into the end zone and I’m not going to allow guys punching guys in the face.” (HSB)

About how players who do that type of thing are playing the wrong sport, Mack said:
“Put those guys in a dang cage and let ’em fight.” (HSB)

About how the Warriors waste psychological and physiological ammunition with the ha’a and should stop doing it, MMA trainer Joji Yoshida said:
“From our standpoint, if you get too pumped up you can’t perform/ Maybe for football it’s different. But in MMA, you want total calm before your fight.” (HSB)


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