AP article on the Warriors

AP Note: “The losses are mounting, fans are getting restless and chances of making it to the postseason are quickly vanishing. It’s not the start first-year Hawaii coach Greg McMackin wanted, especially with the meat of the Western Athletic Conference schedule coming up starting with No. 22 Fresno State on the road Saturday.”

Believing that they can turn their season around, Mack said:
“I believe in the players. I believe in the coaches. We just have to continue to get better.” (AP)

About being last in the nation in turnover margin (-3.75 per game), Mack said:
“You can’t win games when you have a bad turnover ratio. We all know that and that’s something I’ve always believed in.” (AP)

AP Note :”The Warriors’ once high-flying offense has stalled and is ranked among the worst in the nation in several categories, including scoring, rushing and total offense.”

About how they have had QB problems, Mack said:
“The run-and-shoot needs a quarterback and we’ve been scrambling in that position. It’s not because we don’t know who to play, it’s just who’s going to be able to play.” (AP)

About how they aren’t getting turnovers when they are on defense, Mack said:
“We turned the ball over last year but we were getting turnovers also and the offense had high-powered guys that could score. We’re not doing that at this point, so when we get a turnover, it really hurts us.” (AP)

About Inoke’s INTs vs. SJSU, Mack said:
“He made a couple bad decisions with the interceptions. He needs to keep himself up the entire the ball game. He needs to be a leader. The players love him.” (AP)

About how Tyler is bothered by injury now, Mack said:
“He can’t shake your hand right now. But he’s a competitor and he wants to play, but we have to be smart about that.” (AP)

About their personal foul penalties against SJSU, Mack said:
“You can’t play like that. We haven’t had problems in the past but there were too many of them in this game and it cost us during crucial times and they’re going to be dealt with severely.” (AP)

About how they have to be more disciplined when other teams try to bait them, Mack said:
“We’re the defending champions. They all want to take a shot at us because we beat them all the last year and the last couple years. But we have to be smarter and tougher than that. Those were crucial penalties. They took away first downs. That’s selfish.” (AP)

About players who want to fight, Mack said:
“Go do this fighting in the cage-type of thing, but no, that’s not how you play footbal. ‘m not going to allow it.” (AP)


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