Lane to return kicks again

HA Note: “Last season, Malcolm Lane finished 10th nationally in kick returns, averaging 29.2 yards. He had two returns for touchdowns. But he was not used on kick returns in the first three games this season. Lane, now the starting right wideout, was being saved for offense.”

About how they changed their blocking schemes with Lane now returning kickoffs, special teams coordinator Ikaika Malloe said:
“Malcolm is really a downhill runner. For the type of scheme we’re doing, he’s one of the better ones for it because he takes a little weave step and then he hits it down.” (HA)

HA Note: “With the revolving situation at quarterback and on the offensive line this season, the Warriors’ passing attack has been out of sync. Last week, Lane played every offensive snap but did not catch a pass. Seven were thrown in his direction, but only one was considered to be catchable. Head coach Greg McMackin said adding kick-return duties gives Lane a chance to use his play-making skills.”

About Lane, Mack said:
“He’s a very talented athlete. His attitude is great. We haven’t been able to get him the football. He’s got to be more of a focus of our program because he’s one of our weapons. He’s a big guy (6 feet 1) who can run.” (HA)

About returning kicks, Lane said that he welcomes the opportunity:
“to be more involved.” (HA)

Referring to his competition with Mouton last season on who could return the most kickoffs for TDs, Lane said:
“I can renew my competition – ha, ha – easily won by me.” (HA)

Noting that he had the higher return average (29.57 yards per return, 5th nationally) last season, Mouton said:
“What competition?” (HA)

About how Mouton will also be returning kicks, Malloe said:
“We’re really happy with Ryan, too. Ryan has a knack of knowing how to use his blockers. He’s really good at that.” (HA)

Note: I am very glad that they made this change, as Lane did well last season. Taylor showed a spark late in the Florida game, but I was at the Oregon State game and saw a HUGE dropoff between Mouton and Taylor in returning kicks. It got to the point where I wondered out loud why Oregon State would ever kick to Mouton because UH was getting much better field position with Mouton than with Taylor


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