Injury update for Blaze, Sol, and Libre

Mack said that even if Blaze hadn’t suffered his sprained ankle:
“he wouldn’t have played in this game. We’re not going to put him out too soon. I’m taking advice from the trainers and the doctors. We’re not going to do anything to hurry or hurt Blaze.” (HA)

HA Note: “Elimimian has been slowed because of soreness in his right quadriceps. But Elimimian is expected to start this week – at outside linebacker and the center on the kick-return unit.”

About how they aren’t thinking about redshirting Blaze, Mack said:
“I’m not even thinking about that.” (HA)

“We want him (to play) when he’s right. I’m not going to screw him up. He’s got a future in this game. We have to get him ready.” (HA)

About how he won’t give Libre a vote on whether or not he plays, unlike his normal policy, Mack said:
“Daniel would play with his leg cut off. We have to play with the guys who are healthy, and let the other guys get good and healthy.” (HA)

After Libre participated in practice yesterday, Ron Lee said:
“He looks like he’s ready to go.” (HSB)

About Sol’s quad injury, Cal Lee said:
“It’s a day-to-day thing.” (HSB)


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