Other quotes from the local papers

About his injury status, Tyler (who competed in 11-on-11 drills yesterday for the first time in 2 weeks) said that his sore throwing hand is:
“feeling good. I’m not 100 percent yet, but I will be there.” (HA)

HA Note: “He said he receives treatment “three or four ” times a day for the base of his right thumb and right wrist. His hand was bandaged yesterday. He said he will wear a bandage on his wrist against San Jose State Saturday.”

About his slightly torn meniscus in his right knee, Jovonte Taylor said:
“It’s nothing major. I’m good to go. I’m ready.” (HA)

About how their RBs want to give the QBs extra time this week, Kealoha Pilares said:
“We know a lot of people are doubting our offense. So we as running backs take it upon ourselves to concentrate on what we have to do and give the quarterbacks a little more time out there so they can go through their progressions.” (HSB)

About the importance of their RBs to be good blockers, OL coach Brian Smith said:
“The running backs are our sixth lineman — that’s the way our protection works. They’ve done a real good job so far, being smaller guys than we’re used to. Especially Kealoha, moving back from receiver, he’s been doing a heck of a job blocking.” (HSB)

About how coach Gerke has instructed him to block, Pilares said:
“Always being square, getting low, especially for me being on the small side as a running back. He teaches me a lot about leverage, just using my size to explode into people.” (HSB)

About protecting the QB, David Farmer said:
“First and foremost you’ve got to know who you have. Second, is just being tough. It’s positioning and a lot of strategy and knowing where to make contact and hit the guy. Anyone can go out there and hit, but that’ll only get you so far. A good defensive end will swim you or make moves. You’ve got to be smarter and adjust to it and use more technique rather than sheer force.” (HSB)

About how Tyler’s health is improving, Rolo said:
“Today was definitely better than yesterday. He’s progressing and feeling better. Inoke had a great day. He’s been throwing the ball real well.” (HSB)


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