Ching Field renovation cleared to proceed!

Pleased that the second of two protests was dismissed, UH-Manoa Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw said:
“I’m tremendously pleased that legal obstacles are now removed and that we (can) begin work on the project.” (HA)

HA Note: “The contract of $862,381 was awarded by UH on Aug. 13 to RMY Construction, Inc., the lowest bidder, to install a new synthetic playing surface. A few days later CO-HA Builders Inc., and Ching’s Nursery filed protests. Prior to the protests, construction was to begin in August and be completed by Oct. 31.”

HSB Note: “Hearing officer Sheryl Nagata dismissed the protest Tuesday because Ching’s Nursery, doing business as Service Contracting, did not submit its protest within five working days of the contract award.”

About how they might appeal to the Circuit Court the dismissal of their protest, Gifford Chang, VP of Hoonai Subcontracting (which would assist Ching’s Nursery with installing the turf), said:
“I think the university is still in violation of various contract laws, so we’re looking into it to see if it’s worth pursuing.” (HSB)


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