Feature on UH’s WRs

About how their WRs will run all the way to the end zone when they catch a pass on 7-on-7 drills, WR coach Craig Stutzmann said:
“We want the receivers to think about the yards after the catch.” (HA)

HA Note: “This season, the Warriors have been suffering from post-catch blues. The yards-after-catch (YAC) averages have dropped significantly for three of the four starting receivers. Only Greg Salas, the left wideout, has improved, slightly – from a YAC average of 2.67 last year to 3.00 in the first three games this season. Salas’ predecessor, wideout Jason Rivers, had a YAC average of 5.20 in 2007. Right wideout Malcolm Lane has incurred the most dramatic decline, with his YAC average falling from 9.14 last year to 4.33 this season. Starting slotbacks Michael Washington and Aaron Bain have YAC averages of 3.56 and 3.50, respectively. Last year’s slotbacks, Ryan Grice-Mullins and Davone Bess, averaged 6.58 and 6.30, respectively.”

About the reason for their limited YAC, Mike Washington said:
“From my standpoint, the balls we did catch (in the past game against Oregon State) were passes headed to the sideline, or quick out routes with the defender right there.” (HA)

About how they can’t worry about YAC now and have to concentrate on catching the passes first, Malcolm Lane said:
“We have to complete the pass before we start worrying, ‘Oh, Hawai’i’s not getting that many yards after the catch.’ We need to worry about catching the ball first.” (HA)

About how their starting WRs will break through soon, Bain said:
“It’s a matter of time before everybody breaks loose.” (HA)

HA Note: “Stutzmann agreed, saying the receivers need more time in a “game-like setting.” Stutzmann said the more experience a receiver attains, the easier it will be to get a “feel” for the defense, and where the openings will be after catches.”

About how their WRs need to get comfortable in the offense to maximize their YAC, Stutzmann said:
“It’s a matter of getting comfortable with making plays, and not being (hesitant) to catch a ball and be creative with it. You can coach guys to catch the ball. You can coach guys to run routes. You can emphasize runs after the catch, but, really, that’s where your athleticism takes over.” (HA)

About taking their catches all the way to the end zone in practice, Washington said:
“They say you practice how you play. We’re going to carry that to the game on Saturday.” (HA)


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