Feature on Brashton Satele

About how he looks forward to Sunday mornings now that he’s playing again, Brashton said:
“It feels good, I like my body aching the next day. I missed that.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “For the last three years, Satele had woken up fairly fresh the day after Hawaii’s football games as a reserve linebacker who saw the field a few times per week on special teams. This season, he’s playing a prominent role in a defense for the first time since leaving high school, stepping in at middle linebacker for the Warriors.”

About going all out on each play, Brashton said:
“I waited three years and I’m not going to give a half-effort.” (HSB)

About how Sol moved outside to get the bigger Brashton to play at MLB, Cal Lee said:
“You’re talking about an all-conference middle linebacker moving to the outside. It’s a sacrifice he made for the team.” (HSB)

About how their two vet starting LBs have been helping him, Brashton said:
“(In UH’s loss at Oregon State) I didn’t make as many plays as I wanted to, but it’s getting better, I’m getting more confidence with the plays. At first I was kind of like hesitating, but now I’m playing full speed. Solly and Adam (Leonard) help me out a lot. … (Elimimian) telling me how to play the gaps, how to play the pass, I’m learning a lot from him. He’s like a coach out there for me.” (HSB)

About Brashton’s development, Sol said:
“You have to go out there and be the leader and you have to get guys in position. He’s a lot more vocal. He doesn’t have a problem telling guys to get into the huddle or calling plays. He’s taken a big step as far as leadership’s concerned.” (HSB)


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