Karl Benson talks about UH and the WAC

About how everyone associates UH and the WAC, WAC commissioner Karl Benson said:
“UH is the senior member of the WAC and over the last 30 years their programs have certainly brought national attention and limelight to the WAC, especially last year with their BCS appearance. While there may be confusion from time to time about who is in the WAC and who isn’t, when you talk about Hawai’i you think of the WAC; and when you talk about the WAC you talk about Hawai’i.” (HA)

HA Note: When UH joined the WAC, after 15 years of romancing and two previous rejections, the realization of Gov. John Burns’ vision of a conference home for UH was heralded as “the most important happening in the athletic history of (UH).””


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