Bess patterns himself after Wes Welker

About how NFL coaches and general managers were comparing him with Wes Welker as soon as he declared for the NFL draft, Bess said:
”They said I had ability in the open zone — and that I caught the ball well. I was quick with cut routes, too.” (MH)

MH Note: “Bess, realizing he is a similar type of slot receiver, has been watching highlights of Welker since his junior year of college. Those studies have only intensified since he joined the NFL.”

About Wes Welker (who was undrafted and eventually cut by the Chargers before going to Miami and then New England), Bess said:
”I idolize him in a way. Almost every day now, I go into the film room and I’m watching him. I look at his highlights, and I watch how he runs routes and gets open. I’m trying to take as much from his game as possible and apply it to my game.” (MH)


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