Reports from the Scout Bowl

About how the Warriors had fun at the Scout Bowl, Mack said:
“They should have a good time. Football is fun and it should be fun and I think we need to relax and play full speed and have fun. That’s what it’s all about. This week they’ve had fun and worked hard. They’ve worked as hard as we’ve ever worked. Now we can come back next week and do the same thing and play our style and be a bunch of tough mothers and do our job on both sides of the ball and have fun doing it.” (HA)

“I thought the competition was really good and I thought the enthusiasm was outstanding. It was fun, football should be fun.” (HSB)

About how a disputed call was responsible for one of the 2 TDs scored on his team, Adam Leonard said:
“They got two touchdowns on us, but one call was very disputable, and it caused all the chaos. It was an option pass and our guy with the forward arm motion released the ball and it went on the ground. They recovered it and they called it a touchdown. I wish we could go to review, but unfortunately we don’t have that.” (HA)

About the loss, Adam said:
“Nothing on the line except pride, and mine’s broken right now.” (HSB)

Planning on a LOT of trash talking towards Adam after his team won, Sol said:
“I’m going to let Adam hear about it all day.” (HSB)

About the Scout Bowl (an annual scrimmage featuring redshirts and developing players), Sol said:
“It was the funnest practice I’ve had all year, just to take off from football a little and give a lot of these guys reps, because they are so important to our team. They give us looks at practice and work their butts off. It just feels good to see the joy on their faces.” (HA)

About how the scout team gets to compete in this game, Sol said:
“The scout team, they’re really important to this team and they help us out so much, they give us great looks. Sometimes they might get overlooked, and I think today was just a good day to show what they can do. A lot of those guys have pride in what they do and they’re a big part of this team.” (HSB)

About how he and Keala Watson wore collared shirts and headsets (John Estes and Sol wore their pads from practice), Adam said:
“If you want to do this job you need to do it to the best of your ability and we feel that do to the best of your ability you need to dress the part.” (HA)

HA Note: “There were several highlights in the full-contact scrimmage. Cornerback Richard Torres recovered a fumble. Receiver Nate Nasca started one way then reversed his field, leaving a trail of defenders chasing after him. Slotback Jon Medeiros made several grabs.”

About how his team lost 14-0, Keala Watson said:
“I don’t think we got outcoached, as far as doing our job. We’re just going to have to go back and watch the film and hopefully get our players fired up for our next Scout Bowl.” (HA)

HA Note: “The game remained scoreless until linebacker Kaleo Wong pulled down running back Bryce Kalau’oka’a’ea after the Leonard-Watson squad started from its 2-yard line. The attempted pass by Kalau’oka’a’ea, a converted quarterback, was ruled a fumble and the Elimimian-Estes team recovered the ball in the end zone.”

About the TD they gave up due to the fumble in the end zone, Adam/Keala QB Shane Austin said:
“First of all, I don’t know why we’re calling a play like that back in our own end zone. That was Adam’s only call, so I let him take it, but I don’t know, we were trying to throw the ball away if nothing was there, but I wasn’t sure. I couldn’t see from my angle if he was letting it out. I don’t know what happened, so I’m going to stay neutral on that play. It was still a questionable call on the option pass on our 2-yard line. I love (Leonard), so it doesn’t matter.” (HA)

About catching a 6-yard TD pass (thrown by Jake Santos) on their last drive of the game, Royce Pollard said:
“It was really exciting. It’s the play everyone wants to make … big-time catches, especially to win the game like that. Coach (Mack) told us we had one more series to go down and make a score. I was just focusing and got the grab.” (HA)

“It’s exciting. It’s a moment everybody looks for, a chance to make a big play.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Facing third and 15, Santos hit Miah Ostrowski over the middle for 16 yards. Pollard then shook loose to turn a short completion into a 34-yard gain down the sideline. On third and goal from the 6, Santos looked for Pollard again. The throw was to the outside, forcing Pollard to twist around and make the catch just before hitting the ground.”

About the Scout Bowl, Pollard said:
“Everybody knew today was going to be a chance to get to play and have a good time and go live. Being a receiver, I like to hit. I don’t have a problem with hitting.” (HSB)

About his TD pass to Pollard, Jake Santos said:
“The pass really wasn’t that great. The passes were kind of all over the place today, but it doesn’t matter, as long as we got the W.” (HSB)

Happy that they scored a 2nd TD to leave no doubt who won the game, Sol said:
“There was a dispute on the first touchdown, so rightfully so, we thought we would score another touchdown. So if they wanted to dispute (the first one) I guess it’s 7-0 and we still win.” (HA)

About how the backup players look forward to the Scout Bowl all year, Shane Austin said:
“That’s something you look forward to pretty much all season if you’re not getting reps. You go out there, show your stuff and get some live hitting. It was fun. I haven’t been hit in a while.” (HA)

About getting Austin to fumble after a scramble for a first down, Richard Torres said:
“It threw me off because he wasn’t wearing orange. Someone grabbed him, so the coaches say the first one to get him, make the secure tackle, and the second guy strips the ball. So I just went for the ball.” (HSB)

About the importance of the Scout Bowl to players like him who want to earn playing time, Torres said:
“In practice we don’t get to go full speed, so these are like a game for us to show that we can play.” (HSB)

About being careful about his return from injury, Blaze said:
“I’m just trying not to rush it.” (HSB)


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