Scout Bowl draft held

About how his team got the first pick in the Scout Bowl draft, Sol said to Adam:
“They were sleeping, so we get the first pick.” (HA)

HA Note: “Several minutes later, linebacker Adam Leonard showed up, protesting that he was tardy because he was in class. And, besides, he was not told of the location.”

Responding to Adam’s protests, Sol said:
“Too bad. We’re picking first.” (HA)

HA Note: “And with that, Elimimian and center John Estes selected quarterback Jake Santos No. 1 in the Scout Bowl draft. The annual full-contact scrimmage features redshirts and developing players. The four team captains are the “coaches.” Leonard and defensive tackle Keala Watson lead the White team; Elimimian and Estes have the Green team.”

Trash talking the Green team, Adam said:
“We’ll just dub them the losing team.” (HA)

About being selected #1 overall for the second year in a row in the Scout Bowl draft, Jake Santos said:
“That’s cool. I’m happy to be picked first.” (HA)

About Santos, Sol said:
“He’s intelligent. He makes the right decisions. And the No. 1 thing is he has good character. We want character guys.” (HA)

About center John Estes, Santos said:
“He’s a scary guy. He gets into fights in practice. He’s trying to get our offense fired up. These days, the offense has been quiet. I’ll go to battle with Estes. He’s a California guy.” (HA)

Asked who the White team picked in the first round, Adam said:
“There’s no No. 1 pick. You know how the Patriots won their first Super Bowl as a team? There are no individuals. It’s not who we picked first, it’s the combination of the guys on the team.” (HA)

About how they required toughness in their draft picks, Adam said:
“If I’ve got wide receivers, I want them to go out there and block the crap out of people. If we pass, I want them to run over people. I want a physical team.” (HA)

About picking Bryce Kalau’oka’a’ea as the White team QB, despite how he was moved to RB three weeks ago, Adam said:
“We feel he’s a great athlete. And we can use him as a secret weapon.” (HA)

HA Note: “The White’s co-head coach, Watson, is experienced in evaluating talent. In March, head coach Greg McMackin implemented the Super Games, in which teams received points for academic work, conditioning drills and competition in such activities as no-rules basketball and dodgeball. Ten seniors were named captains.”

Proud how his Super Games team did, Watson said:
“We all know how Super Games turned out. I do have a good record as far as drafting goes.” (HA)

HA Note: “The Green is installed as the early favorite, mostly because it took both available centers.”

About the Scout Bowl, which will take up the second half of today’s practice, Mack said:
“We’ll be looking at some guys for the future and just see them compete.” (HSB)


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