News on Dan Kelly, Tim Grasso, Aaron Kia, and Po’okela Ahmad

About the positives and negatives of the bye week, Dan Kelly said:
“I wish it wasn’t a bye week because I want to get out there and kick again. At the same time a bye week is good to get the rest and figure out the mechanics and figure out all the kinks because we’re going into the WAC.” (HSB)

About missing his last 3 FG attempts, Kelly said:
“I try not to overanalyze it. It’s a very natural thing that I’m trying to do and it hasn’t been feeling natural. I just have to kick enough to have it feel natural again.” (HSB)

About how Kelly has been doing well in practice, Mack said:
“He’s been kicking the ball well and he just has to take it from practice to the game. I believe in Dan. He won two big ballgames for us last year and I’ve got complete confidence he’ll be the guy I know he is.” (HSB)

About punting last year despite the pain he was in, Tim Grasso said:
“I had to just scrap to get by (last year), and this year I can do what I can do.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Grasso’s average of 42.4 yards per punt ranks him 28th in the country and he’s landed four of his 16 kicks inside the opponent’s 20-yard line. But the Warriors have faced two of the nation’s premier returners and breakdowns in coverage left the Warriors 109th in net punting after three games.”

About how Grasso has been doing his job well, Mack said:
“He’s been punting outstanding. We couldn’t ask any more of him. He’s been putting it where he’s supposed to.” (HSB)

About seeing a specialist in Utah who kneaded his muscle to work out the scar tissue that had built up last season, Grasso said:
“When I’d be in pain I’d be like, ‘This is going to be worth it.’ It’s most definitely one of the most painful things, but it worked for sure.” (HSB)

About how Grasso is more confident this season, long snapper Jake Ingram said:
“You can definitely see he’s more confident, especially during the games. He’s not second-guessing or questioning himself, he’s just going out and punting. I guess that comes with being healthy.” (HSB)

About punting 5.3 times per game this season, compared with 2.7 times last season, Grasso said:
“Punting is kind of a contradictory spot. I really don’t care if I punt or not. If I do, I’m going to take advantage of it because that’s my position on this team. But I’d rather go the whole game without punting and see us blow somebody out.” (HSB)

About being the starter again at LT, Aaron Kia said:
“It’s more like a third or fourth chance. This is another opportunity and I need to stop talking and actually do it.” (HSB)

About his sore knees, Kia said:
“I have to man up and execute.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “With Adam Leonard resting some aches during the bye week, sophomore linebacker Po’okela Ahmad has made the most of his increased repetitions with the second unit over the last two days. He had an interception on Tuesday and added another yesterday in 7-on-7 drills. He also closed quickly on a play to hold Kealoha Pilares short of a first down during the team period.”

About getting reps with the second team D, Ahmad said:
“I’m working hard and just trying to get into the rotation. I’m listening to the coaches, watching film, just trying to better myself every day. Right now it’s a bye week so I’ve got an opportunity to work.” (HSB)


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