Mack says that Tyler is still the #1 QB

About how Tyler is their #1 QB if he’s available to play, Mack said:
“He moved the football team. He’s going to be my No. 1 quarterback, as long as he’s healthy, the rest of the season.” (HA)

About how he still could not grip a football yesterday, Tyler said:
“I can’t grip anything yet. It’s more black and blue, but (the bruised area is) smaller.” (HA)

About his injury, Tyler (who gets several treatments every day) said:
“It’s still throbbing. I can’t walk with my (right) arm straight down. When the blood rushes to it, it starts throbbing.” (HA)

Tyler said that he copes by:
“keeping it elevated (and) iced.” (HA)


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