Tyler’s X-rays did not show a fracture

About his injured hand, Tyler said that there is:
“no fracture, thank God. (The doctor) said it was close. You could see the bone was bumped, and it’s bruised. But it wasn’t fractured.” (HA)

HA Note: “Quarterback Tyler Graunke vowed to play in the Hawai’i football team’s next game — the Sept. 27 Western Athletic Conference opener against San Jose State — after X-rays yesterday did not show a fracture in his right (throwing) hand. In Saturday’s 45-7 road loss to Oregon State, Graunke exited in the third quarter after suffering an injury to the root of his right thumb near his wrist. He said X-rays were taken of six sides of the injured area. His right hand yesterday was swollen, and he could not grip a football nor shake hands.”

HA note: “He has a doctor’s appointment Friday. He said if the swelling persists after a few more days, he will undergo an MRI to determine if he suffered any ligament damage. X-rays often do not show ligament injuries.”

About how the doctors do not think he has ligament damage, Tyler said:
“They don’t think it’s ligament damage by the way they were pressing it.” (HA)

About how he took off the hand brace and tried to grip a football yesterday, Tyler said:
“I tried. I can’t throw a football.” (HA)

HA Note: “The Warriors have a bye this weekend. They will practice for two hours today and tomorrow. There is a one-hour practice Thursday followed by the Scout Bowl, a scrimmage involving redshirts and developing players. They are off Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”

About how he will have to miss practice this week, Tyler said:
“I’m going to meet with the doctor again on Friday to see how it feels. He said I can’t practice this week.” (HA)

About how he has to stop shaking hands with people, Tyler said:
“I keep forgetting. I keep taking (the brace) off to get some air sometimes. It’s: ‘Hey … ow.’ ” (HA)

Expecting to resume practicing next week, Tyler said:
“I know I’m going to play against San Jose … if I’m still the starter.” (HA)

“I’ll be back roaring on Monday. I have to get back in there and get some chemistry going with the rest of the team.” (HSB)

Tyler said that his hand is:
“really black and blue. There’s a lot of swelling. I can’t grip a ball yet, but there’s a lot more (range of) motion than there was yesterday.” (HSB)

About how he thinks he suffered the injury in the second quarter of the Oregon State game and just wasn’t aware of the problem for awhile, Tyler said:
“I threw a ball, and I looked up, and my hand was bent backward. A pile of people fell on me and on my hand.” (HSB)

About how he’ll prepare both Inoke and Alexander to be the starters if Tyler cannot play, Mack said:
“There’s two different types of quarterbacks and I want (SJSU coach Dick) Tomey to be ready for both of them.” (HSB)


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